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Morna is hanging out with me and we're following three or four different websites and watching the news.

The net seems to be indicating that Kerry has a slim lead in Ohio and Florida and several other important states. However the tv news seems to be indicating otherwise. They were saying Ohio was too close to call and Florida was leaning towards Bush.

We also noticed that CNN's website was saying California was 58% for Bush with 2% reporting, which is just insane. We're thinking that some people are using precincts reporting, which means that there will be a lot of variation early on depending on which precincts report first. I'm thinking San Bernadino or Orange County or one of those farming counties up north must have finished before the democratic leaning ones.

However if California _does_ end up going strongly for Bush, or any of the other states where exit polls have indicated Kerry should win, i'm going to be having some questions for Diebold tomorrow.

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