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Some Nader stuff

I went to my sister's place on sunday because they'd invited me and some other friends over for a Star Wars marathon. Politics came up at at least one point, including the election trackers at Slate and Electoral-Vote (the second one has mirrors at electoral-vote2, 3, etc.) Somewhere in the discusion the role of spoilers came up and i was suprised to find that although no one planed to vote for Nader this year (although some of them had in 2000) they still thought Nader was an honest and good person who was different from the politicans in the major parties. I suppose i shouldn't be too suprised though. Up until a year ago i was annoyed with what happened in 2000 but didn't actually think Nader was a bad person.

So i wanted to point to the links that enlightened me about Nader's true character, but unfortunatly seems to have gone down. So i've dug up reports from other sources about all the dishonest and crappy things Nader has done and figured i might as well post it here too.

First of all, despite the image he tries to present, Nader is rich. Here's an article from Salon published in 2000 that tries to be balanced. Here's an article from World Net Daily published in 2002 that is more anti-Nader, but which lists the specific amounts of stock owned in large corporations.

At least some of that money probably has its origins in the millions of dollars that Nader's organizations coerce from college students each year in the form of PIRG fees imposed on the students that are either mandatory and nonrefundable or intentionally obfuscated and made difficult to get returned. Including the use of that wonderful "opt-out" scheme that everyone on the internet knows so well.

This article details how he has applied coercive measures against local Green organizations that didn't immediatly choose to support his bid for presidency. It also talks about Nader's anti-union activities within his own organizations. This article from 1996 actually encourages people to vote for Nader but discusses his more negative traits, including more details on his anti-union activites.

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