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I've found two SoCal companies advertising positions i pretty much fit on their webpages. I sent an email to the better recruiters yesterday asking if they had any contacts there before i sent out resumes on my own.

In both cases i got pretty much the same answer. They're passively looking for people, but not actively. Which apparently means that they'll put stuff up on their website and theoretically look at any applications they recieve, but they aren't talking to recuiters, and it may not be their primary focus at the time.

In both cases the recruiter thinks they'll probably be actively looking in about two months.

So i can try sending in my resume now, and i might get a leg up on the competition. However they might also decide they're too busy to look at it right away and it may get lost in the shuffle. They might also look at it but decide to wait and see if they get any better candidates later, and i might have to remind them about it later to make sure they remembered.

On the other hand i can wait about two months until they talk to the recruiters, if they haven't hired the people they need by then, and they may pay more attention to my resume and the recruiters will know the right people to talk to keep it in their attention. However there will also likely be more competition, and two months from now is the point i said i would consider moving back home if i hadn't found anything yet.

I also talked to my old boss and he said EA isn't hiring now, but probably will be in two months.

And for some reason i've been feeling a nameless sense of dread/foreboding today. I have no idea if it's cause of the recruiter/application decision and the worries related to it or what.

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