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Started reading Robin Hobb's Farseer trilogy earlier this week. Kind of a stupid thing to do since it keeps making me think of Caithris, but oh well.

Wednesday i got to hang out with _two_ friends at once! *gasp* Is nice to get to be with people once in awhile.

Watched some tv on thursday. Watched Jeopardy and it was one of the Ken Jennings ones. I was very amused when he got some daily double question about what range some mountain was in, and Jennings looked clueless as the time ticked away, and finally at the last second he said "what is the Bavarian Alps?"(i think) in a really "i have no fucking clue tone of voice" and Trebek says "Correct," to which Jennings responds in a _very_ suprised and confused voice, "Really?" :)

One of the categories was "TV Weapons" with mostly really obvious stuff, at least to someone with even a passing knowledge of SF/Fantasy tv, however the final quesitonfor the column was something like "The weapon wielded by (insert actress' name here) which is also the name of the show" which totally stumped me, but Caithris would probably have gotten since the answer was "Witchblade" :)

In the second half there was an "Art Appreciation" category, which was mostly filled with stuff i didn't know, but i was really suprised when one of the questions was "the author of 'Rendevous with Rama' and (something else i forget." It's always nice to see SF/SF authors get counted as art/artists :)

I emailed the first recruiters this morning/afternoon about the messed up company. I was suprised to get a phone call about five minutes after sending out the email and it was one of the recruiters, who said my timing was uncanny. He said they'd just gotten out of a meeting with Atari, who handles that companies dealings with them, and they had been told about a position they thought fit me, so they've theoretically already sent my resume to them :)

Spent a while this afternoon trying to get back into that networking project i started a few weeks ago. Didn't get a lot of new stuff done, but split what i had up from a single file to a couple files and header files.

Going to turn on the presidential debate in a few minutes, and after that's over i'm going to go to Border's and get that DirectX 9.0 book if they still have it in an attempt to keep myself motivated to do more coding.

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