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Soros didn't buy

"But Cheney cited, a for-profit advertising site based in the Cayman Islands.

The company decided to redirect traffic to the Soros site after it became inundated with hits - about 100 a second after the debate, John Berryhill, a Philadelphia lawyer for, said Wednesday.

"This was to relieve stress on the service and to express a political point of view," said Berryhill, who spoke with the site's administrators shortly after the debate ended.

They picked Soros not only for his political views, Berryhill said, but because the billionaire could afford the costly deluge of hits the site would receive in the wake of the debate. Plus, the site administrators didn't want to point surfers to a candidate's site that was asking for money." has commented on the whole mess as well, and they're not happy. Not only did Cheney get their URL wrong, he misrepresented what they said:

", run by the Annenberg Center of the University of Pennsylvania, said on its site on Wednesday that Cheney not only got the domain name confused, he had mischaracterized its fact-finding.

"Cheney ... wrongly implied that we had rebutted allegations Edwards was making about what Cheney had done as chief executive officer of Halliburton," the site said on Wednesday.

"In fact we did post an article pointing out that Cheney hasn't profited personally while in office from Halliburton's Iraq contracts, as falsely implied by a Kerry TV ad. But Edwards was talking about Cheney's responsibility for earlier Halliburton troubles. And in fact, Edwards was mostly right.""

So Soros didn't buy the site, it was a redirect by the actual owners, supposedly in response to the bandwidth hit. And the independent fact checker that Cheney was trying to send people to is now saying that Edwards was the one telling the truth while Cheney was trying to mislead people.

For some reason however, instead of focusing on the more important lie, Cheney claiming he never tried to link Iraq with 9/11, there are several articles about how yesterday was not the first time Cheney and Edwards met, as Cheney claimed during the debate.

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