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Cheney was caught in an outright lie, and what do you want to bet that no one is going to comment much about it?

Cheney said he never said there was a link between 9/11 and Saddam, and right after the debate they showed a clip from an interview with him last year where he said exactly that.

Other than that Cheney seemed to do a pretty good job, at least compared to Bush :) He still focused on the stupid flip-flopping thing although Edwards actually had some good examples of where Bush/Cheney have flip-flopped as well. He didn't however bring up that Bush threatened to veot the funding for the troops in Iraq before he approved it.

The Republicans finally addressed all the people dying in Iraq, because if you include the Iraqi troops as part of the Coalition (which they technically aren't) then the US casualties are only about 50% instead of 90% of the total. Of course he didn't go into the matter of all the Iraqi civilians killed by us and them, that would improve the percentage drastically, but wouldn't be very good PR.

Cheney kept boasting about "No Child Left Behind" despite the fact that the Republicans haven't been funding the mandates they forced on the system. He refused to address Edward's charge that teachers have been laid off and huge numbers of minority students have dropped out under the plan. Cheney responded that average test scores for minorities have gone up. Sure, if your "No Child Left Behind" act results in the trailing students dropping out the test scores will go up, but that's kind of atithetical to what "No Child Left Behind" _should_ mean.

Edwards had a much better closing statement. Not very informative, but a much better soundbite than Cheney's. I don't think Cheney's was very informative either, but it's hard to be sure cause it was also boring and my attention was kind of lagging by that point.

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