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I appreciate that the second recruiters have gotten me at least one interview, but they are _really_ sloppy about some things.

When i talked to the first recruiters, a subset of the same people who got me my first gaming job in SoCal and who have been incredibly competent and professional, they gave me a huge list of companies that i might fit, and i told them which to apply for. When that didn't work out they said they didn't mind if i talked to another recruiter as long as i kept everyone updated on who had already talked to whom.

So when i talked to the second recruiter i gave them a medium long list of the companies i'd already talked to. They found some new companies and asked me if i wanted to apply to them, and i said yes to most of them, same as with the first recruiter. Then today i suddenly get an email saying "The Collective" wants to interview you, is monday at 3pm okay. That name sounded familiar, so i checked back, it was on the list of companies i sent them a week or two ago that i'd already talked to!

So i prepare an email to send them saying that i've already talked to them and shouldn't do so again. However before sending it off i check back through old emails just so i have a good idea of whats going on (and to make sure that _i_ didn't somehow screw something up.)

I doublecheck and yes it was in the email i sent them and that they confirmed. And i find the emails to the first recruiter talking about it. Then i find that although the first recruiter had talked to me about it we'd decided that i wasn't really qualified for the positions they were looking for at the time, so they didn't talk to them about it.

So the second company clearly screwed up by talking to them. I don't know if The Collective has oppened up new positions since then, or if the second recruiters exagerated my skills. It seems unfair to the first recruiters to talk to the company through the second recruiters, but it seems a little unfair to tell the first recruiters about this and get them to check to see if there are updated job openings.

I can't see any good and moral way out of this. I think i may just have to not talk to The Collective at all, but it feels really stupid to turn down a job possibility without even talking to them about it at all, and i'm really pissed at the second recruiters, no matter what i end up doing.

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