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I poked at the recruiter at about 2 asking him if and when the interview was going to happen, and he emailed back at 2:30 to say he was talking to them about it at the moment and would let me know once it had been decided. I figured that meant it was pretty unlikely that the interview would be today, so i went to have lunch with kialyn. However just as i got of the car after getting back my cell phone went off and it was the recruiter asking if i could do the interview today. I said yes, and about five or ten minutes later the producer called me up.

It seemed to go okay, at least he claimed he was passing me onto the president/tech director to see if they wanted to interview me. However he did warn me that they have a strict interview process and i'd probably have to take lots of CS tests. Given how i've been doing on the other CS tests i've been taking lately that probably means i won't get an offer =/ I really suck at that formalized testing of knowledge thing.

No idea if and when the second interview will be, or if it will be phone or walk in. Apparently they hadn't read my resume very well and hadn't realized i was actually local when they scheduled the first phone interview :)

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