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I've gotten bad at this again, haven't i. It's easy to think of stuff i should post about, but a lot harder to actually write it out and post it.

Haven't really done much at all this week.

Hung out with Morna once or twice. Went to the coffee shop in the village again. Tried getting the plain coffee this time. The sign listed $1.75 or so for a cup, but for refills it listed two different prices. I just asked for a large coffee, and when they asked if i wanted milk i said yes, and it came out to $2. I'm not sure if the extra fifteen or twenty-five cents was because they actually have a large size, or for the milk being added. The refills ended up being the slightly more expensive $1 each, but again i'm not sure exactly why. Not too good a price, but at least it was less burnt than the starbucks stuff. And if you get some refills the price works out better. Of coruse that means that if i'm going to get coffee at all i should only get coffee and just get it refilled, rather than getting some bubble tea and then switching over to coffee since it's cheaper.

Contacted the second recruiter. So far they've said they're going to contact one company about me, but i haven't heard anything back about it yet.

Perhaps i'll poke at my sister and her husband and see if they want to hang out this weekend.

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