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Well isn't that nice

The people at OkCupid hate me and think i'm ugly.

OkCupid has added the ability for their staff to vote on how attractive the users are based on the pictures they upload.

The results of this show up when you use the compare with another user feature with the normal distribution curve. (Well, sometimes. Yet another completly random thing on the site, i wish there was a way to see _all_ your stats at once.) If you click on it it says "This is based on STAFF votes cast in picturebrowsing, and its accuracy depends on clear uploads. It is 100% subjective."

According to the staff of OKCupid, i am _definitely_ the ugliest guy on earth. Or at least tied for the position. I've got a very sharp spike _all_ the way over to the left. It's not even an initialization thing, because other people have the same wide lump in the middle, presumably meaning no one has voted on them yet. Not only am i ugly, they decided i was ugly right away!

Thanks a lot OkCupid =P

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