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19 September 2004 @ 09:57 pm
Testy test  

From rahvina.

Take the What
animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

"Gazelle: You know how the game is played and how to play it. You will let them all chase you but a select few will get you. Then you let them have your way with you."

Sounds pretty accurate, except for the bits about people chasing me and a select few getting me =P Pretty much everyone who's chased me has gotten me, because the number of chasers is in the very low single digits. Well, at least the letting them have their way with me part is right.

So there's Lion and Gazelle, what are the other options?


Hack hack, hackity hack

This is so much easier than trying to remember the right URL to manufacture for the usual quiz site most people use.

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