DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,

CK Cafe

Went looking for the place again tonight, and thanks to the directions from bellwethr i actually managed to find it. It really is a hole in the wall kind of place. It's a nice place, but you literally get in through a hole in the wall :)

I got there about 10:30 and there weren't too many people around, about five people in the inside part and four or five more in the outside part. They did indeed have bubble tea, the large one, 20 or 24 oz i think, was $4 and was pretty yummy. I got the coffee verzion. Sat and read and drank tea and chewed on tapioca and listened to music till about 11:15. I think they close at 11:30, but i didn't want to stick around and find out so i headed home.

I'm definitely going to want to go back there again. I'll have to try and avoid spending too much money on bubble tea though :)

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