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I went to Costco on Wednesday, and among other things i got an eight pack of flurorescent lightbulbs for about $14.

The olg lightbulbs were standard 60 watt, 840 lumen bulbs. I've got a four lightbulb fixture in the living room, and the lightbulbs in it were burning out like there was no tomorrow. It seemed like i would have to replace one every month or so. I ended up keeping just two sockets filled because i was running short on bulbs and didn't want to have to use up new ones so often.

So finally i totally ran out over the weekend so lightbulbs were high on my shopping list. There were some standard bulbs at Costco, but they were only about 700 something lumen i think, and it had already been kind of dim with the old bulbs. However for a little bit more there was some kind of energy saver bulbs (i forget exactly what kind, not fluorescent i think, but something else) that were 800 lumen, which i figured might be alright. Then for a bit more than that were the flourescent ones that have a cool twisty shape and were rated at 900 lumens, so i got those. There were also some 100 watt equivalent fluorescent bulbs, but i was afraid those might be overkill. I'm not sure if those sockets are rated for 100 watts, and even if they are the extra light would probably just blind me :)

So i came home and put in two of the fluorescent bulbs, waited till nightfall and turned them on. Wow, they're bright. A lot brighter than the 7% the lumen rating difference theoretically indicates.

So these bulbs are working out great with just two,but i was wondering... Does anyone happen to know if using just two bulbs in a four bulb setting causes any problems with the current that would burn out the bulbs faster? It's been way too long since i took E&M, and i have no idea how the average light fixture is designed.

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