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Wild goose chases

I started poking around on the net yesterday to try and find some coffee shops. I found that google has some new(?) feature called "Google Local" that will find things that match your search criteria withing a certain radius of a location you give it. It came up with several coffee shops, and after going to borders last night i tried going by three of the closer addresses it listed. In each case i got within single didgets of the address and didn't see any obvious signs of a coffee shop. Of course in each of those cases it was in a strip mall type area that was shut down for the night with not too many lights and now cars or people around. I figured that was sufficient evidence to show that if there was a coffee shop i hadn't seen it probably wasn't open.

So tonight at about 8:45 i tried calling several of the places up. About half of them got a "no longer in service" message, the other half the phone rang and nobody answered. Except the Starbucks. The Starbucks entries were up to date and still open at 9.

Then i poked around at tribe a bit and dug out a phone book and got a few more (theoretically) live sites.

I ended up with about five places that answered, with closing times ranging from 10 to 12:30. The 12:30 one was a Starbucks unfortunatly, and not the village one either, which closes at 10 =P However there was one in the village called the "CK Cafe" that said they closed at "about" 11:30. So i had a choice between a 11:30 local place and a 12:30 Starbucks. I decided to go check out the local place since it was closer, not a chain, and probably had better coffee than Starbucks.

So i drove over to the village about 10:30 and looked for the place. The phone book said it was at 109 Yale, ironically the same as one of the places that Google Local listed which had a "no longer in service" message. i guess they changed owners and phone numbers. I wandered down Yale and didn't see anyplace that looked likely, so i started checking numbers more closely. I found a 109 Yale, but it was attached to a cafe with yet a different name that didn't seem to be open. I have no idea what the problem was, but it was really annoying.

So i decided to try and find the Starbucks. Unfortunatly i hadn't written down the address since i'd decided to go to the other place. I need to remember to be more paranoid. All i remembered was that it was in La Verne on Foothill, so i headed east figuring that it would have a big obvious sign.

I saw a big obvious Starbucks on the right and pulled in, and found it had a "coming soon" sign attached and wasn't open. If you're not actually open, please don't light up your big fucking sign, ojk? So i continued on and finally found the right Starbucks near the 210. I'm guessing that other people have had the same difficulty finding a coffee shop that's open reasonably late as i did, because when i got there at about 11:15 there were around 30 or more people there.

I got a large coffee and after adding a ton of cream and sugar i could _almost_ pretend that they hadn't cremated it. Spent about an hour reading and listening to mp3s. There were lots of happy attractive people hanging out with their friends there. Kind of depressing. About 12:15 i finished up the coffee and the inside was starting to clear out (although there were still between ten and twenty people hanging around in the outside area) so i decided to head home.

I may go back there again. I'd really like to find a place that was open later, or at least had decent coffee, but it doesn't seem like there are many options around here.

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