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Spent most of this past week sitting around being lonely.

Spent friday evening hanging out with Kialyn. We invited Morna along too, but she had plans with Bricriu. We went to Chili's for dinner. She got um, a southwestern cob sandwich i think? And i decided to do the salad thing as well and got the taco salad thing, which was very good. Talked about Caithris a fair bit, which i would say was depressing, but just thinking about her is depressing too, so it's not like talking about her really made it any worse.

We went back to my place after that and watched two episodes of Dark Angel before she got tired and drove home.

I already had vague plans to go to Dungeon this weekend, but Iyindo poked at me about it and made sure i followed through on them.

Went to Iyindo's place and changed there, and we got to Dungeon just a little after 11. We'd planed to meet her friend there, but just happened to run into another friend of hers by accident as well, so i got to hang out with three cute girls this time instead of two :)

Lots of other cute girls around of course, though i seemed overly focused on the short skinny ones with short brownish hair, which is probably not a smart thing to be doing at this point =/

It was kind of stressfull just sitting there (standing there, dancing there, whatever) and watching all the cute girls get flirted with, and flit with people themselves, and be touchey-feelie with people. Kept feeling so akward and out of place.

I wish that somebody loved me. Failing that though i wish at least that people found me attractive and would flirt with me, or talk to me, or at least look at me. (Well, okay, friends will do those last two, but that's not really what i mean.)

When i managed to not think about social stuff too much i was having a pretty good time. Didn't do quite as much dancing as usual since Iyindo and co. spent a lot of time around the stage since one of them was doing a session tonight. I spent some of the time hanging out with them there and people-watching, some time dancing on my own, and some time dancing with them.

When they started shutting things down at the end we were back by the stage area again, Apparently one of the dom's, Sal (sp?), was celebrating his birthday and wanted to do coffee and hangout afterwards. Iyindo's friend's dom (not Sal, but... Mike maybe?) invited her along, and she invited Iyindo and the other friend, and i got included since i was Iyindo's ride.

The coffee thing was less stressfull, despite the fact i managed to be as socially inept as ever =P I was suprised though that Sal claimed he recognized me. I don't go to Dungeon _that_ often, and i'm usually not around the stage area too much except for the period when i was going there with Rahvina. Strange. But anyways, the coffee shop was closiing early tonight, at 3 instead of their usual time, but we actually left about 3:30. Not sure why they didn't kick us out sooner. Sal said that everyone should come back to Dungeon next week, and offered to put people on the guest list. He seemed to be speaking mostly to the girls, but Iyindo seems to think i was included too for some reason. There were about 12 or 14 people at the coffee thing though. I'm not sure how many people show up on an average night, but that seems like a noticeable percentage of their clientele. At some point you think it would start affecting the club's bottom line. Or do they like to think they'll make it up in drinks and food?

We all walked back to the parking lot since almost everyone had their cars there. I drove Iyindo back to her place and dropped her off a little after 4. I don't know if it was that i was heading back about an hour later than normal or because of the time of year or what, but there was a lot more fog in the hilly areas of the 134 than i'm used to. Was down to about 30 mph at one point. I got home just before 5, and now i'm trying to decide if i want to force myself to get some sleep or just stay up.

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