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Got emails back from both the ex-coworker company and the recruiter. The ex-coworker company says they're currently in negotiations with Activision about future projects, and that once those have been finalized they'll decide about hiring new people. Hopefully they're being honest and not giving me the run-around.

The company that wanted to interview me before apparently found a good UI person before they got around to talking to me =/ However they also said they'd probably have some more programmer positions open in a week or two that they would consider me for.

I finished up "A Fire Upon the Deep" yesterday. I was a little suprised by a couple details from the end that i hadn't quite remembered. Oh, and Twirlip of the Mists is really cute, in a kind of naive and pathetic way :)

I had been planning on doing something else after that, like watching some DVDs or getting back to GalCiv or working on network code. However then i accidently picked up a James Alan Gardner book :)

I'd actually wanted to read "hunted" a couple months ago when i was going through several other Jame Alan Gardner books, however i couldn't find it at the time. However i was accidently looking through the boxes of books i got out of storage, and there it was, and i accidently picked it up and accidently started reading and accidently stayed up till about 8 am finishing it. All accidently :)

*sigh* A new James Alan Gardner book is out, which apparently involves the Balrog. (I'd forgotten that was the sentient moss, i'd been thinking it was the alien that always shows up just before someone does something horribly wrong) I really want to get it, but it's in hardback. As is S.M. Stirling's "Dies the Fire," which i also really want. And really want Vernor Vinge's new "Rainbows End" to come out. Perhaps i should check out SFBC and see how much they are on there. But even $10 is probably more than i should be spending on a book at this point =/

Hmmm, i also seem to remember SFBCs montly email saying something about there being a new Anita Blake book out. Perhaps i should check that out too. And decide i want it and get frustrated when i should buy it probably =P Oh well, at least it's not a new Merry Gentry book :)

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