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I never get any of the good stuff

I went to the store to get some pop last night, and found that there's a new flavor of Mountain Dew out.

I thought Code Red was okay but nothing really special since i'm usually not that fond of artificial cherry flavor. (Don't know if that's due to the influence of my parrents, who hate the stuff with a passion, or what) and i never even tried Live Wire since i'm not particularly fond of artificial orange either. However the new stuff is grape flavored stuff called Pitch Black. It looks pretty cool, and i usually like grape and berry flavors. Only problem is that there's no diet version! They never make diet versions of the really unusual stuff :( Diet orange, diet black cherry, and diet cream soda is about as good as it gets. No diet strawberry or grape or kiwi or any of the other odd things. At least not at the stores i normally go to.

I'm tempted to see if i can get a single can or some other small amount of the normal stuff if possible and try it out, just to see how it is. However by this point all non diet-drinks usually taste pretty sickeningly sugary to me, so i'm not sure how well that would work.

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