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Took a walk to the village today. Took me about 20 or 25 minutes there and the same back. Didn't actually do much there since i didn't want to spend any money, mostly just wandered about a bit.

I did stop and look at the new sushi returant. Unfortunatly they were closed and didn't list their hours. They had a board up outside that listed a few specials, and a review from the Claremont Courier posted in the window. The review thought very well of it, apparently they have lots of strange types of sushi along with all the normal stuff, including a coconut rice and mango sushi. They also apparently have a fair number of vegetarian options and at least one vegan one. I suspect that's strongly related to them being so close to the 5C :)

The prices looked okay for a sushi place, but it was still sushi prices :) I think it said between $2 something and $6 for the two piece sushi, and $8 something and... $11 maybe? for the seven piece sashimis. They also have some kind of small "cone" roll which i don't think i've ever tried before.

Will definitely have to check it out after i get a job, or possibly before if any of my friends are desperate to go there.

Got a fair bit of exercise from the walk, but it feels like i might end up with a blister or three after the fact =P

I was considering what to have for dinner tonight after i got back. When i went to Stater Bros on saturday they had a sale on big huge plastic bottles os Pace Picante salsa. They were already a pretty good deal before the sale, and really cheap with it, so i grabbed two of those. I also grabed a bag of tostitos, but those ran out well before i even got halfway through the first bottle :)

So i was considering whether to go buy some more chips or to cook some pasta when i had a great idea! Salsa is pretty close to tomato sauce, right? :)

I actually checked online and did indeed find some salsa pasta recipies. Most of those wanted you to actually make the salsa yourself though =P Silly them. One oof them had the great idea of making cold pasta salad with it, which was nice since it's been a warm day. So cooked pasta, dumped salsa on it, put it in the fridge for awhile. It came out pretty good :)

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