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Not doing stuff

Considered going to Dungeon tonight. Considered the cost. Considered the drive time. Considered Laziness. Decided to go to the store instead.

Exxciting, eh?

Got stuff to drink and some unhealthy snacks for fun and some fruit for heathyness.

Finished up Vernor Vinge's "A Deepness in the Sky" since i stayed home. I think this is just my second time through, though it might be third. Fun book. He does a good job of the hectic climax with 20 billion things going on at once, kind of like David Brin. He also does a good job of showing whats going on with the bad guys so as to create angst in the reader, like S.M. Stirling. Not that David Brin and S.M. Stirling don't also each do the other thing, but that's just what i think of first for each of them, just like i think of cool tech, especially computers, in relation to Vinge.

The ending is kind of sad if you've read "A Fire Upon the Deep," since you know what happens to those who choose to go on the mission. Speaking of which, i've now decided i need to read "A Fire Upon the Deep" again. I hope "Rainbows End" comes out soon, i'm looking forward to that one. And speaking of Stirling, i really want "Dies the Fire" as well. Maybe i'll break down and get it from SFBC. Especially if i get a job =P

But anyways, next weekend. Next weekend i'm going to Dungeon. Or so i say now at least :)

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