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If anyone is interested...

It's not likely given my set of friends, but:

For those who like multiplayer text based strategy games (such as BRE/SRE if you ever played those on BBSs back in the day) Legends of Elveron is starting a new round.

It's fantasy based, you choose to be Good or Evil and then pick one of the six races of whichever alignment you took. You explore land, build buildings, train your military, invade other players, the usual stuff. This round is going to be fairly short, just a month long. It has a farily small player base for this kind of game, probably in the 500-1000 player range. On the plus side this means that it's fairly well patrolled and there aren't many (if any) cheaters/multis.

Registration is going on right now, the game actually starts in about 40 hours. (You can join in at any point you want, but clearly before the game starts is the best time =)

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