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No word yet from either of the companies i'm hoping to hear from.

Oh, and i seem to have unwittingly started a meme! A very short lived one, but still :)

Had dinner with Kialyn friday evening, then went to Borders with Sithjawa after that. Saturday i hung out with Kialyn some more, and we were going to see a movie but she decided she wasn't feeling well so we just watched an episode of Dark Angel before i dropped her off at home. Today i hung out with Morna, and we had lunch at some new resturant she'd been wanting to try. It was some kind of vaguely health/organic food place. She had a portabello mushroom sandwich ,which had (along with the mushroom) cheese and lots of other veggies, and it was very good. I had a pear and spinach salad with vinagrette dressing and feta cheese and candied pecans. It was also very good. Afterwards we hung out at her apartment for awhile and watched a couple episodes of Coupling.

I finished up "Hades' Daughter" by Sara Douglass. About halfway through i got on a research kick and started looking stuff up on the internet.

Apparently there actually is a legend in Great Britain that Brutus of Troy founded a colony there with a bunch of other refugees fromt he Trojan war and created a city on the site of London. If i ever go to England again i would be curious to see the Brutus Stone and the London Stone. Spent a little bit of time reading about Boudicia(sp) which makes me want to go see King Arthur, even though everyone keeps saying it sucks :) Somewhere along the line i ran into a reference about the Duke of York, which since i was in a curious mood led me to try and find the origins of the "Grand old Duke of York" nursey rhyme. According to which grouping of webpages you read, it's either based on the Wars of the Roses, or some guy in the 18th or 19th century. Obviously at _least_ one of the theories is wrong :) Somewhere along the line i came across some webpage saying something like "who would have guessed that nursery rhymes like "Oranges and Lemons" and "Mary, Mary quite contrary" would have such dark and sinister origins?" Well i was familiar with one but not the other, so i looked up "Oranges and Lemons." The last two lines of that are " Here comes a chopper to chop off your head - Chip chop chip chop - the last man's dead," so _no,_ i'm _not_ really surprised about that one :) I hadn't heard the theories behind "Mary, Mary quite contrary" before, but i have no idea if they're real or just an urban legend like the "Ring around the rosie" theories.

Anyways, after that massive tangent i got back to the book and finished it. It was a little slow to start, but sucked me in more and more by the end. It's hard to be very sympathetic with most of the characters. One character is clearly the evil nemesis, but the others range from manipulated and inefective to utter bastard. One of them is getting better towards the end, although you have to kind of wonder about the crap they put up with, another is apparently going to become a lot more likeable over the next few thousand years (this is hinted at in the cover blurb and shown outright about 30 pages into the 600 page book, so not too much of a spoiler) but they have a lot to make up for. However it is interesting though trying to figure out who you want to root for when the people opposed to the clear evil are all either only not quite as evil, just plain nasty, or incompetent.

Been playing more GalCiv. I've worked my way up to the Masochistic level. I started out with a tiny galaxy, and won that pretty easily. Then tried a one planet win on small and pulled that off after some work. Now i'm working on Gigantic, and it's a pain in the ass, but i _think_ i'm doing okay. After reading the forums i decided to pick a small speed bonus and a huge diplomacy bonus. The speed helped me get claim almost all of my section of stars before the AIs moved in, and the diplomacy has kept them all friendly with me while they fight each other, which is very good because they all have huge production bonuses and could squash me like a fly if they wanted. The only thing i'm keeping even with them on is research.

I stayed up late saturday night/sunday morning so i could be awake for the wrap-up of an online game i'm in. I ended up getting about four hours of sleep because of it. No one wanted to do anything on sunday anyways, so i was just sitting around looking at the web and playing GalCiv. Evenetually started getting depressed, and decided that since i was low on sleep maybe i should just go back to bed. Ended up falling asleep about 7:30 or 8 i think. Got woken up by my cat at 3am cause i'd forgotten to fill up her food before bed, then went back to sleep till about 10:30.

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