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Thank goodness it's _what_?

Between getting ready for the interview, the interview itself, and worrying about the interview, this week just kind of disapeared =P

No further word from the co-worker company yet.

I think i already mentioned that i didn't pass the one-hour timed test.

The Washington company that the recruiter sent my resume to just recently decided not to consider me, "They have decided to pass at this time, as things did not match their current needs. They were concerned about the long employment gap."

Ahh, so i've reached _that_ point, have i? =P How they think they can make any valid judgements based on how long since i last worked i have no idea.

And did i not match their current needs _and_ they were concerned about how long i've been unemployed? Or is that _why_ they thought i didn't match their current needs?

Meanwhile i got an email from the recruiter last night saying another SoCal company wants to do a phone interview with me. I told him that any time next week is good. Or anytime today for that matter, though i expect they won't want to try and pull that one off.

I think i shall try to motivate myself to go outside and get some walking about type exercise. Although perhaps i should have done that before the shower =P

Wonder if i should edit the VGM on my mp3 player to keep only the bouncy stuff?

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