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It's strange the things you come up with in the shower...

and i don't even need any of Tiercel's shampoo ;)

Problems with the cross-cultural/species/paradigm cutsification of names:

Alternate Chrono Trigger Universe, the Future:

R66-Y (Robo) M26-E and L37-O are exploring one of the domes when they come across a bio-lab and find a frozen human...

L37-O: Look! It's a robonoid bioform! Incredible! *inspects* I think i can thaw it out!
...time passes while she works...
...human comes to life and starts dancing around...
M26-E: Good morning! What's your serial number?
Human: Serial number? Ah, my name is Randolph Jones.
L37-O: Randolph Jones? Cool!
M26-E: No! That won't do at all! Come on, let's give him a better serial number!
Randolph:, okay...
R66-Y: You were from the Homo Sapiens production line, weren't you? How about HOMO?
Randolph: Uh, that's not such a good idea...
R66-Y: SAP?
Randolph: Uh...
L37-O: They were also refered to as "Humans," perhaps HUMO?
M26-E: Aren't you one of the "Male" models? Maybe MALO?
Randolph: *overwhelmed* Look, this isn't really working...
L37-O: Maybe we can make something out of your name instead? R4ND1?
R66-Y: RO-JO?
M26-E: *laughs* How about RJ45?
L37-O: *giggles* RJ45? How cute!!
RJ45: *sigh* I'm stuck with this now, aren't I?

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