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Stupid earbuds

Whenever it was that someone came up with the idea of earbuds, they must have had a giant meeting with everyone in the world in which they explained how to actually use the bloody things, but forgot to invite me =P

If i just put them in my ears they'll stay there, mostly, for awhile, as long as i don't move my head, or my body. As soon as i forget and tilt my head or move too much, they fall out.

If i try to stick them lightly next to the ear canal under that triangular thing, they stick for a little bit, and then fall out. If i try to shove them in harder, it hurts a little bit, they stick a _little_ longer, and then they fall out.

I can't figure out what the hell the advantage of these things is supposed to be other than that they're easy to stick in your pockets, and i bet you could design some foldable headphones that would accomplish that just fine while still actually _working_ as a method to input sound into your ears.

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