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Many responses to the clothes post, i will respond to them here i think.

In the order in which they were received:

Thaisa: I'm still not entirely sure what "pretty nice clothes" even if i'm "dressed casually" means :) But i will tuck my shirt in like you suggested. And add a belt. For some reason my pants have been trying to escape today =P

Akiko: shorts _or_ khaki pants? Are jeans not included? I would think jeans woud be dressier than shorts. And rather than my usual shower, i was planning on going out and rolling around in the mud, but i guess perhaps i'll skip that on your advice ;) My choices for shoes that aren't falling apart are birkenstocks (with or without socks) and boots. Any suggestions? :)

Dieppe: I'm not wearing a suit. I've worn a suit to two interviews at game companies before. I don't remember the particular order but one of them said "Oh, we forgot to tell you not to wear a suit, sorry." and the other just looked at me funny and said "why are you wearing a suit?" Maybe it made an impression on them anyway, but it also made me feel akward. I'm willing to dress up some, but no jacket and no tie.

Kirinn: I'm mostly in agreement with you. Dressing up can make you feel different, but that's mostly psychological i think. Spending time to figure out which dockers and button up shirt to wear results in pretty much the same feelings as a full suit, and is a lot more comfortable :) I also get somewhat of the same feeling when dressing up for clubbing, which probably would not be good attire for an interview :)

Merchimerch: I'm not quite sure how i would dress for the job i have. I'm not even sure what job exactly that would be :) Though why should i get a girl to okay my outfit before i go? Don't think it will really be possible in any event.

Eh, maybe i'll copy/paste the comments back to the original post, it's not hard now that they're written out already. Won't bother deleting them here though. No, kept it in, couldn’t be buggered!

One little problem i realized in the whole dressing up thing though. If the informal lunch-interview goes well, "we follow it up with a more
in-depth interview and programming test."

So do i wear nice stuff for the lunch-interview, and then wear different nice stuff for the real interview? And if so do i wear the nicer stuff first or second? Or do i just do jeans and t-shirt for the second interview if there is one?

Black button-up shirt with a light design on it and dark grey dockers to match. Could wear the shirt with jeans though and i think it would look fine.

Blue-green dockers and a striped blue-turquoise button-up shirt with some other colors mixed in. Could wear with jeans also. Don't think this stuff looks as nice as the black/grey stuff.

The shirt and pants from my suit, light tan button-up shirt, darker brown slacks.

And three hawaiian shirts, one black with optimus prime one it, one red and black with some guy in some kind of armor on it with some japanese characters, one blue and black with a guy with a katana on it and some more japanese characters.

I haven't worn them very often, but they are collared and button-up :) and i've seen people at my past companies wearing shirts like them, but that probably falls under the "people at work wore jeans and t-shirts" category :)

And i have several pairs of jeans, several belts, both black and brown, a pair of dark blue-black birkenstocks, some black socks i could wear with said birks and a pair of black doc martin boots.

My initial thought is the black shirt, either with the grey dockers or jeans, belt and birks and maybe socks.

Okay, time for bed now, with three alarms set :)

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