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The company got back to me, or rather they talked to the recruiter and let the recruiter tell me that i didn't pass the test. I have no idea what a passing grade is or how i did on the questions i answered. I was pretty sure on most of the ones i answered, so i guess the problem was that i was only able to answer 13 and a half of the 18 subquestions (two of those answers i wasn't 100% sure of) in an hour. Stupid people.If the key to being a good games programmer is speed and memorization, why do we frequently spend 60-100 hours at work in a week? =P

Had dinner with kialyn after she finished up at work, and we watched a couple of Dark Angel episodes after that, but she said she's going to be busy the rest of the weekend, and it seems like sithjawa will be busy as well. Not that she ever wants to hang out unless i harass her about it =P Maybe morna and bricriu will feel like watching some Firefly sometime this weekend. Or maybe i should harass my sister. Or maybe i should just give up and read more Dragonriders of Pern and play more GalCiv.

Hopefully next week the ex-coworker will set up that lunch-interview for me. Oh, he also said he would talk to some of his ex-coworkers at Blizzard to see where i should send my resume to, but that's a really long shot.

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