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What to do this weekend

Dungeon: $35 for gas, parking, admission, and two red bulls. Plus a possble $5-10 for dinner afterwards if i go with someone else. Get some exercise and at least see some cute girls.

Vist my sister and her husband: $8 for gas. However i frequently get free food :) I can usually convince them to hang out, probably through some kind of notion of filial obligation on my sister's part. Get to see people and watch more Firefly and/or Cowboy Bebop.

Hang out with people around here: $2-4 for gas, plus possibly $5-20 for dinner and/or $10 for a movie. Unfortunatly there are only the three people, and they usually are busy, or have more interesting people to see and things to do than hang out with me.

Sit at home reading and playing video games: negligble cost in food and electricity. Kind of depressing. My cat would probably appreciate it though.

Oh, and the stupid job people still haven't sent me a response yet. Definitely not a good sign. I'll send them an email first thing on monday.

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