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I hung out with Morna earlier this week while she had The Plague. I got a sore throat a day or two after that, which lasted for a couple days, and Morna wanted me that that's how The Plague started with her. By last night it had gotten pretty darn annoying, but this morning i woke up and it as gone. I didn't think much of it until now, about five hours later, when i tried to say something for some reason or another (probably talking at a webpage or singing along to something in my head or something like that) and suddenly realized my voice was incredibly hoarse. It still doesn't hurt though, not even when i'm talking, it just doesn't _work_ right. Strange.

So i sent in the quiz yesterday to the company, and got an email back a few hours later from the person who originally sent me the test saying she hadn't heard back from the person grading it whether i'd passed or failed, but they'd let me know tomorrow (ie, today) whatever the results were. The point at which they apparently decided i wouldn't hear back from them was 5:30. It's now 6 and i haven't heard a thing from them. *growl* Probably not a good sign =/

I started rereading the Dragonriders of Pern. Yeah, i know, stupid idea. It's not _that_ bad at the begining, it's only later on in the series that it starts getting really repetitive and stupid (although even then not as much as The Rowan series, which gets even _more_ repetitive in the later books.) However i just got to the second book in the triology, and the fire lizards have shown up. Yay! Fire lizards! Now i want to go read the Harper Hall trilogy and Dragonsdawn, neither of which i have =P

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