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04 August 2004 @ 05:10 pm

That went a little better than i thought. I knew a fair bit of the stuff. I knew what stacks and queues were, i knew how to make a doubly linked list and navigate a binary tree. I know what 24 bit color is (well, mostly, is 24 bit color _always_ RGB? Or just usually? I know that artists often like to use HSV, but i don't know if that's just an interface thing, or if some programs actually save files in that format.)

I did okay at the vector stuff, but i was running out of time by that point and had to skip a couple questions. They wanted to know the equation for figuring out the position of an object with a constant velocity at time t, which was easy, and the equation for figuring out the position of an object with a constant acceleration at time t, which wasn't. I vaguely remember having to do that stuff in calculus, but it's been years at least since i've had to practically figure out stuff like that. Usually the most i want to look ahead is to see if an object is going to collide with something next frame or not =P

My computer waited until about five minutes before time was up to crash =P So i ended up getting the test in about ten minutes late, which i blamed on the whole FTPing to the machine i use for mail and such, which is about what half the over time was due to. Luckily i'd been saving very frequently because of that very worry. In fact i had just clicked the save button when the computer crashed. It seems that about half the time my computer crashes it's immediatly after accessing the disk drive. For all i know it could be all the time, but i don't really know. And the hard drive _seems_ to be just fine, so i'm not sure what the problem could be.

While i was in the middle of the test i got a response from one of my ex-coworkers at the new company. FINALLY. He said that one of his partners was responsible for checking the emails sent in through the website, and he's not sure why i didn't get a response earlier. He says they will be hiring some programmers sooon, "However, we're especially looking for people with a solid amount of network programming experience (or those who can pick it up in a really short amount of time.)"

I figure i'll respond and ask if any of his coworkers know of any good network programming books i can look into. They want to do a casual lunch first just to size me up, followed by a formal interview and a programming test. Gah, i hate tests. Oh well, maybe i can learn a lot of networking stuff quickly (ha, right) or maybe i can slip through that "especially" clause.
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