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Went down to my sister's place about 3, and we went through about five episodes of Firefly with a short break for an episode or two of Cowboy Bebop and dinner. We made spaghetti and garlic bread, or rather her husband made most of it while she helped and made fun of me for my lack of cooking skills :)

By the time we finished "The Message" she decided it was time to bed, think it was about nineish. I headed home and ended up collapsing about midnight.


Morna had the day off today, so after she finished some chores she IMed me and asked if i wanted to hang out with her. I drove over to her place and we sat and talked for awhile. We talked about watching Coupling for awhile, but she decided we should go see a movie instead. Since i hadn't seen Spider-Man 2 and wasn't terribly interested in seeing Fahrenheit 9/11, she decided on the first one.

We went to Ontario Mills and got tickets and then went and wandered about the mall for a half hour or so till the movie started. Looked around EB, Hot Topic, and Foozles, but didn't buy anything.

AMC does the same commercials and vaguely "entertaining" stuff before the movie as everyone else, but at last it's not "the 20" or whatever it is that Edwards has =P They did have one good commercial though, a really cool one for Nintendo, which covered Metroid Prime 2 and Baten Kaitos and some FPS and sports games i think :) Did i mention that i saw that Tales of Symphosia is out when we want to EB? Tales of Symphosia out now and Baten Kaitos out soon, i want!!! *sigh* need job first.

The previews were mostly stupid, and not much actiony SF stuff given they were before Spider-Man 2. They _did_ finally show a trailer for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, which looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL!!! Total 1940s/50s pulp SF! Some kind of alien invasion with lots of strange flapping planes and giant robots and all kinds of cool stuff :) Then they did a Blade Trinity trailer, which looked okay. In my mind Blade has always been decently good, but certainly not spectacular, and if i had to judge just from the preview i would say Blade Trinity is more of the same, which is a reasonably good thing.

As for Spider-Man 2 itself, it was pretty good. The middle part was a bit cliched and melodramatic, but it was enjoyable. I was suprised that Spider-Man got his identity exposed when he was captured. Of course he also exposed himself before that and after that as well. Spider-Man's identity is going to be an open secret after this point. Sure, probably none of the people he saved will sell him out, but at least a few of them will want to tell their friends, cause of course their friends can be trusted, and then there's no stopping it. I'm not sure why he never went back and talked to Osbourne about what happened. I don't know if it would have any effect on his descent into madness, but at least he could have tried. Oh, and is it just me, or was Osbourne wearing a green tie at the wedding? :) Speaking of the wedding, about the only thing i _don't_ admire about Mary Jane's behavior at the end of the movie is her handling of the engagement. Couldn't she have done her soulsearching a little earlier and decided to break off the engagement before the actual event and saved a great deal of money and an even greater deal of embaresment?

Oh, and i'm not going to say anything about the genius scientist who knowingly plugs a computer with an evil AI into his brain, regardless of whatever precautions he thinks he's taken. I'm going to think of it as a gimmee, really i am. *struggles*

Morna and i hung out for about another hour after that, and since then i've been trying to figure out how to get MoM to work, and trying to download the newest version of Galactic Civilizations, but my internet connection keeps dying =P

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