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Newest viruses/spam

There's a new virus going about, or at least i strongly suspect it's a virus, which ironically depends on the user having at least a little knowledge about hacks/viruses.

"Dear user Me@Blah,

We have found that your account has been used to send a large amount of unsolicited email during the last week. We suspect that your computer was compromised and now runs a trojan proxy server.

Please follow instructions in order to keep your computer safe.

Virtually yours,
Blah user support team."

The "instructions" are a file named I haven't bothered unzipping it because A: getting the file to someplace i can unzip is is a lot of work (well, okay, technically i could unzip it on the linux system, but i'd have to look up the right tags for decompression, still too much work :) B: there's s small chance they've figured out how to corrupt winzip and have it do something bad or automatically run the file inside. More likely however there's some kind of executable inside which i would have to be tricked into running in turn. I wonder how many people are going to actually fall for that?

Of course it doesn't help their case that if i somehow _had_ gotten infected with a proxy server, that i wouldn't get a form email from the nonexistant support team, i'd get a personal email from Matt asking me what the hell i was up to :)

I've also been seeing a lot of spam lately for "Christian Lending." I know the pschological line it's trying to pull, but i vaguely wonder about the people behind them. Are they actual "honest" buisnesmen who happen to be christian and figure they might as well turn that into a selling point while helping their fellow christians? Or are they just scammers who figure Christians should be easy marks? Or maybe they're actual (but obviously not very good) christian scammers :)

But in any case, i've started seeing a new variant, "Christian Dating." *shudder* that's just kind of disturbing. My usual dating practices have been too look for people who are (among many, many other things) areligious, or at least not very strongly religious. The idea of looking for people who believe strongly in a particular religion is just kind of antithetical to me. I can understand why the people who believe strongly in the same particular relgion might feel that way, but still, ick.

Why am i awake anyways? I got to sleep about 6:30, and woke up spontaneously at about 12:05 or 12:10, 20 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off. It's possible that i've trained myself to get up around noon, which is a kind of scary thought. It's also possible that i've trained myself to get up shortly before the alarm goes off, since i managed to do the same thing when i had my alarm set for 10:30 while trying to catch the FedEx people. That's an interesting thought, though i really doubt it would be reliable even if true unfortunatly. I might have woken up because my cat was sitting on my chest, but that doesn't seem too likely since i'm used to the whole cats on top of me while i'm asleep thing, and i don't _think_ she had started pawing at my face yet. Although it would be both interesting and scary if i'd manged to train the _cat_ to wake me up shortly before the alarm goes off :)

Anyways, strange, but convenient.

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