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I wish i could dance as well as a girl

Slept in till about 12:30 today. Crawled out of bed and managed to not do much productive for a few hours after that =P

I finally started doing laundry about 3:30. I wasn't actually out of clean clothes *gasp!* but i decided i wanted to wash my pleather pants, since i'd worn them a few times and they were getting a bit icky, so i figured i might as well do everything else that was dirty too. (Theoretically you're not supposed to wash the pleather pants at all, you're just supose to sponge wash them. However that does _not_ get rid of the sweat that accumulates in the cloth lining part. So i wash them after every couple of uses, but put the washer on cold and the dryer on permenant press, and they seem to do okay.) I took a shower while the clothes were washing, and checked email for the first half of the drying cycle and then went and sat in the laundry room and waited for the the dryers to finish while listening to VG remixes on my new mp3 player

Then i left to pick up kialyn at the airport, and got there about five or ten minutes late, but she was nice and took me out to dinner at Los Jaritos(sp) anyways :) We went back to my place and watched a couple episodes of Dark Angel before i dropped her off at her place. I then went back to my apartment and tossed together my clubbing gear and headed out to LA.

Drove out to Iyindo's place, got introduced to her friend who was coming along, and then changed into my club clothes. I wore the mesh shirt this time, i _think_ i look okay in it as long as a remember to suck my stomach in all the time, but it would probably help if i lost another ten or twenty pounds.

So went to Dungeon with two cute girls, and saw several more cute girls there. There were a couple girls wearing glasses, and one girl who looked a lot like Caithris but with black hair. Or maybe she was just short and skinny with short poofy hair, and it was dark, and i had Caithris on my mind. Who knows?

The three of us went out on the dance floor for two or three songs, then they decided they were getting thirsty and headed off. I did another two or three songs and decided to get something to drink as well. I joined them at the bar, but they were busy getting entranced by the stage show. Do i just have a really bad sample set, or does it seem like most of the girls are more interested in watching the girls (and occasional guy) get worked over in the shows than most of the guys are?

So i went back to the floor for another four or five songs before they joined me again. We stayed out there for awhile before everyone got thirsty again and went back to the bar. I'd been ordering Red Bulls, but noticed that the can looked different, so i took a better look this time, and it seemed to be something called "Rockstar," which i guess is a Red Bull taste-alike. Not that i really care since Red Bull isn't really my favorite energy drink. Hmmm, i wonder if they'd have Monster if i asked. Not likely, although they might save some money due to the larger cans, not that i would expect to see any of that savings :)

They went back to watching the show after that, so i alternated between going out and dancing and hanging out with them by the stage show. The show was kind of boring, so i spent most of the time there just listening to the music and looking around at people.

We started getting hungry about 1:30ish and bailed out and went to IHOP. I wasn't very hungry, and they didn't seem to have fruit listed under the side orders, so i tried some garlic cheese bread instead. Given what they gave me, i'm guessing that's the thing i remember Rahvina and Sarisa complaining about really sucking at IHOP :)

We drove back to Iyindo's place and i changed out of my (by now) icky sweaty club clothes. Iyindo's friend headed off and Iyindo and i talked for five or ten minutes before i headed off about 3:15. Got home at 4, and should really get to bed soon cause i'm supposed to be hanging out with my sister and her husband tomorrow.

So all in all it was fairly fun, and hopefully i got a decent amount of exercise. Should really sleep now.

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