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The dangers of games

Since nobody wants to hang out tonight i was bored and poking about the web, and found that Stardock is considering making a Master of Magic 2! :)

That of course spawned a discussion about the game in the forums, and inbetween the people urging them to make it and the people urging them to make a real StarCon3 instead, there was a discussion about how to get the original MoM working in emulator mode. A couple people pointed towards DosBox as the way to go, so i'm currently downloading that and MoM. And i've already got MoO, i just couldn't ever get it to work before, but DosBox is supposed to work for that too!

I forsee a time of great suckage :)

I've beeen going around and doing the PR game. This is made a lot easier because i found that Open Air sells a Charm Bangle at level 1 for 500 credits, which has Null Encounters on it :)

I actually went though and figured out three areas completly on my own. Then i got to the Mihen Highroad. About ten minutes just to walk from one bloody end of that thing to the other, and i would have had to do it five times to figure out all the right answers on my own =P So i relented and downloaded a PR faq. I'm both annoyed and pleased that it doesn't include the other information i'm collating; how many points per PR level and what the prizes are for each level.

So according to the faq i've now talked to every PR and marriage person in the first chapter. I hit level 2 PR somewhere between 40 points and 70 points, but i'm still at level 2 at 272 points now. I presume the level goes up higher, so i guess i have to talk to more people later on. The question is, do i get points again for talking to the same people (assuming they're still around) in chapter 2? If so, i should switch to Open Air now and get the points for everyone in Chapter 1 for them as well. Assuming you can urge the same people to go to two different companies in the same chapter :)

Once i decide whether or not to get the second set of PR points, i think i'm pretty much done with chapter one. I've given up on the traveler and the Ronso kids for this chapter. I could try more Sphere Break, but the only person who will play with me is the tutorial guy. I don't know if i just have to play more games with him before the others relent, or if that just doesn't happen till the second chapter or later.

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