DonAithnen (donaithnen) wrote,


I have my Creative MuVo player now :) And it's _really_ small. Unfortunatly it doesn't come with a cord, you actually pull off part of the player and stick it directly into the computer. So if i want to get the Otis working i'll need to buy a new cord. Blech.

The only disadvantage of the MuVo is that it has no screen. The few times it needs to let you know what it's doing it tells you by flashing a single two-color LED. (You can't actually have a LED that does two colors, can you? Either there's something about LED technology i don't know, or they just hid two LEDs behind one piece of translucent plastic so it just looks like one.)

The drive to the FedEx office was supposed to take about a half hour round-trip, but it ended up taking about an hour because of traffic =P

Now i'm trying to decide which of the audiobooks i've paid for i want to download next to try out. I'm thinking of either George R.R. Martin's "A Game of Thrones," or Larry Niven's "Protector." While trying to decide i also happened to stumble across the fact that Audible is now carrying the Reduced Shakespeare Company radio show, think i may be getting (some of) those next month :)

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