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30 July 2004 @ 01:35 am
I still hate FedEx  
I went and sat outside the manager's office for two or three hours, hoping the FedEx person would come by so i could ambush them. They never came by, and i managed to sunburn my knees and feet before i realized it and moved into the shade =P

I did bring along a japanese textbook and some Dragon Quest mangas, so the afternoon wasn't just wasted. I didn't learn much from the mangas, it was mostly just flip, flip, flip, translate a word or two, flip, flip... however they were a nice break when i got bored of reading the textbook.

So the package is now at the FedEx center in the City of Industry. I considered driving down there at 6:10 when the website said the package was back there, but that would have meant going about 15 miles during the tail end of rush hour, and going through the 57/60 interchange. So i decided to wait on that and do it tomorrow morning/early afternoon instead.

It was a good thing i decided that way, because a certain someone decided to IM me at 7:30 and we ended up talking for several hours :) Nothing has really changed, but i'm now irrationally happy :) I'm sure i'll get over it sooner or later, but it's nice while it lasts.
Current Mood: happyhappy