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I HATE FEDEX!!!! (and other pet peves)



I signed up for Audible's Premium subscription about a year ago. This gets me two audio books a month for $20. The books normally range anywhere from $10, if they're on sale, to about $25 or $30 for "normal" books, and even on up to $60 or more for very large books. All available on the Premium subscription plan for effectively $10 each, as long as you limit yourself to two a month. Pretty good deal.

If you commit to 12 months of membership you also get a free mp3 player for the cost of shipping. It's a pretty crappy mp3 player, i got an Audible Ovis from them last year when i signed up. Just a little box with 64 megs of memory, nothing great but it works fine for playing audio books and is okay for mp3s also if you don't mind being limited to an hour at a time. My biggest complaint, which i didn't realize till after the point where it became important, is that it connects to the computer via a USB cable with a customized plug on one end for the player. When i got laid off at PoV, the cable disapeared. I had it at work at the time, and i either forgot to unplug it from the computer, or it got lost at the bottom of some box that i then lost track of. I emailed the people at work and asked them to let me know if they found it, but i never heard back from them. I suspect that the IT guy just pulled it out of the computer along with all the other leads, and then couldn't figure out what it was later and just tossed it into some miscelanious pile of cords.

So my year subscription to audible expired last month. I know i'm unemplyed and shouldn't be spending any money, but...

I've currently got about $240 worth of audio books in my account/on my computer. I've listened to about seven or eight or them. Without the cord i can only listen to the rest of them by playing them on my computer or burning them to CD (usualy taking at _least_ five or six CDs each.) I finally decided that for $20 a month it would be worth signing up for another subscription to get another player, _plus_ the cable that would go along with it so i could use _both_ players again. Then i found out that they've updated. They're now offering some "MuYo" player with 128 mb of memory. I thought about it for awhile and finally decided to subscribe again anyways. There's a small chance it uses the same cable, and if not i'll still have a working a mp3 player that will allow me to listen to the books while commuting (whenever that happens again) or exercising (if i can motivate myself to do that.)

The "I hate FedEx" part:

So the order was supposed to take 3-5 days, okay. It arrived at the City of Industry FedEx office pretty early on the third day, and they just had it sit there for the next two and a half days cause it "wasn't due to be shipped yet." Okay, i'll assume that they were really busy and didn't have time to ship it out, and not that they're making sure the customer gets _only_ their money's worth by not letting packages arrive early.

So Tuesday morning i wake up knowing the package is supposed to arrive that day. It's about 12:30, i hit reload on the FedEx tracking page, delivery attempt at 11:30. Fuck. I go check the door, and sure enough there's a card hanging on the door saying delivery attempt at 11:30, and they'll try to drop it off at the manager's office. Okay, my fault, 11:30's a pretty reasonably dropoff time. I go to the manager's office later in the day though, and they say the FedEx person didn't come by that day. WTF? Okay, maybe the managers were out of the office for lunch or showing people around at the time. They do that way too often since they normally only have one person in there.

So Wednesday, i get up at 10:30 and go wait in the living room. Nothing, nothing. About noonish i hit refresh on the tracking page, delivery attempt at 11:20! What the hell? I go check the front door, and there's nothing hanging there! No knocks, no tag, what the hell?!?

Fine, i get up at 10:30 again today. I wait in the living room again. I go check the door and/or reload the tracking page every ten or twenty minutes or so. I reload the tracking page at 12:10, delivery attempt at 11:51!!!!!!!! I look on the door, and there's a card there!!! BUT THERE WAS NO KNOCK! I was sitting here, waiting for a knock. If they knocked it was the quietest knock ever! Morna and Kialyn have gotten my attention by knocking while i was half asleep in the bedroom!! Knocking hard enough to alert me while i'm FULLY AWAKE AND SITTING IN THE LIVINGROOM WAITING FOR YOU TO KNOCK is NOT hard!!!!

So i went down to the manager's office in the hopes that _maybe_ it was dropped off there. There were actually two people there! Shock and horror! They said there was no package, but that the FedEx person hadn't been by. They claim that it takes the FedEx person a long time to go through the entire apartment complex. So i'm now strongly considering finding a book and going to sit on the steps of the manager's office with the delivery attempt card in my hand so i can waylay the FedEx person. Today was the "Final Attempt" at delivery, so if that doesn't work i need to drive to the FedEx office.


Some other pet peeves:

I hate that the "close tab" keys and "close program" keys for Netscape are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!! ctrl-w and ctrl-q. I just accidently closed my netscape session while trying to close a tab, and i'm pissed off about it! FUCKING STUPID IDEA!

Regarding netscape, i also hate the "Close Other Tabs" option right below the "Close Tab" option when you right click on a tab. Far too easy to miss when you're in a hurry. There are several other options in pull down menues that i wish i could just remove as well. And the little "x" button on the far right of the tabs which closes the current tab. When you've got a ton of tabs open and you're trying to select the last one in the list it's WAY too easy to misclick and hit the "close tab" button instead. ALL FUCKING STUPID IDEAS!

I also hate that the Esc key closes IM windows. I normally use a clunky old keyboard, which has the esc key isolated in the left corner away from every other key. It's incredibly easy to accidently push while moving the keyboard around, and it's also pretty easy for the cat to step on while traipsing across the keyboard, or when she decides she wants to rub her head against the side of the keyboard. No confirmation message or anything when you hit it, just poof, window gone. FUCKING STUPID IDEA!

If anyone knows of some magic way to fix those problems, i'd love to hear about it!


Okay, time to go find a book and hope the FedEx person hasn't already stopped by the office while i was writing this :)

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