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More work and FF10-2 stuff

Got a definite no back from one of the SoCal companies =/ Annoyingly it's from one of the companies where i matched everything they said they wanted. Meanwhile other companies that i only kind of match are still waffling =P The recruiters did manage to find one more SoCal company that's hiring, but unfortunatly it's yet another one looking for someone specializing in AI. I really ought to look into studying that more. *sigh* so many things i should be learning about, low-level 3D engine stuff, DirectX stuff, AI stuff. I actually spent a day or two trying to get DirectX working on my computer so i could look into it, but it turns out that i had an old version of the C++ compiler i was using that couldn't handle it. I tried getting the new version and installing it, but it broke the program, and now i have no DirectX and no C++ compiler either =P Should poke at that some more and try and figure out what's wrong.


FF10-2 (Spoilery story related stuff)

Okay, i cheated a little, kinda accidently :)

I wandered though the Mt. Gagazat cave looking for either the Ronso kids, or the traveler with the Besaid key. I got to the end having found neither, but as soon as i stepped into Zanarkand it started the Zanarkand sphere quest. So i figured what the hell, as long as i'm here i might as well do it. Then i eventually ran into a LeBlanc guard person blocking a bridge, who asked if we were sphere hunters. The choices were "Yes, we're the Gullwhatevers," or "No, we're just tourists." I was ammused and decided to see if any of the faqs mentioned what the resulsts of choosing either way were. I didn't find that, however i did accidently stumble across a warning that you should get everything else you wanted done before doing both the Besaid and Zanarkand sphere quests, because after you finish both it automatically ends the first chapter. Well fuck. Luckily there was a save sphere after that, and it let me go back to the airship. Hopefully that didn't screw anything up. I'm not looking forward to going through Zanarkand again though =P How long until i get some Null Encounters equipment? :)

Wandered through Macalania and found O'aka and couple people to do PR to. Going to go back to the Calm Lands next and do a more thurough search for the Ronso kids there and maybe play the games some more. You'd think Kimahri or one of the other Ronso's could have given me some kind of hint as to where they might have gone other than a generic "they left the mountain" =P I may also go back to Kilika and poke around there some more, or do some digging :)

FF10-2 (Gambling stuff)

Okay, since i delayed posting long enough to get to the Calm Lands, i might as well include this.

--- I hate the slots! I can get the blue bird about half the time in the first row, and about 25% of the time in the second row. Getting it in the third row is freaking impossible! I swear, it looks like the blue bird stops in the middle, and then the insect behind it gets angry and shoves it out of the way! I've started just closing my eyes and hitting the button randomly if i get the first two matched, but that isn't helping either =P Part of the problem is probably that i'm starting to get tired, and my concentration is getting even more shot than it was earlier today when i first tried it.

-- The Lupus Races are just stupid. Really low returns for a game that's almost completly luck. At least Slots and Reptile Race involve some amount of skill, even if i suck at the slots. Reptile Race i think i have (mostly) figure out now.

It _seems_ like everything starts in the same place every time. I started noticing i was doing a lot of the same moves over and over again, and decided to start writing stuff down. I now have exact forumlas four the first four starting spots on the left, and i _think_ the fifth. If there is any variation in enemy positions for those starting spots it is so minor as to make no difference. All those formulas get me in at just over 400 seconds, for the 2.5 reward.

The right starting positions are being a real pain however. Sometimes i make it, sometimes i don't. If i make it, i try to write down what i did, but when i try to repeat it sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I swear it seems like the enemies randomize themselves when i'm starting on the right side, but it would be unlikely for them to be random when starting ont he right and static when starting on the left. One time starting in the third column from the right, i managed to get in at about 501 seconds, which gave me a 3.4 payout! Unfortunatly even though i wrote down what i thought the path was, i've never been able to repeat it since then.

Clearly i need to do more experimenting later, but time for bed now i think.

FF10-2 (System mechanics type stuff)


If you set the ATB mode to "Wait" does that just turn the entire combat into a turn based type thing? What i really want is an option to just pause stuff when you're in a submenu. I have no problem with time passign while i'm deciding what to do, but it is annoying when i decide, for example, that i want to use Yuna's Gun Mage's Fiend Hunter, and the enemy is busy attacking me while i'm looking through the eight or so items in that menu trying to find the one that matches the type of enemy i'm fighting =P

Very similar to my wish in FF10 that there was a way to view the weapons, i wish there was a way to view the costumes. You don't get that much time in closeup when they change costumes, and they're usually doing weird stuff and waving their arms and/or weapons around, which kind of gets in the way.

I know it would somewhat defeat the purpose of the whole dress change thing, but i really wish there was a way to equip secondary abilities like with FF5 or Tactics. As it is i've been tending to keep people on the same class without much switching for a _long_ time. Yuna has done a bit of switching, back and forth between Gunner and Bard, and now she's a Gun Mage for awhile, but Rikku has been a Thief almost the entire time, and Paine has been a Warrior. They've both almost learned every skill, and it's going to be annoying when i have to have them switch classes to learn anything new. Especially for Rikku since i'll keep having to switch her back to Thief in combat so she can steal stuff and then back again to whatever her next "current" job will be. Arg, agravation. Maybe at some point i'll start getting Garment Grids with complete skill sets on them. Unlikely however. Maybe a Garment Grid with "Steal" on it wouldn't be too much to ask for though.

Oh, and have i mentioned that Paine is cool? :) Give me a Y! Give me an R! Give me a break.

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