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Work stuff and FF10-2

Talked to the recruiter yesterday. They said that a lot of the companies they're dealing with have been working on milestones and such and are just now getting back to hiring. Yeah, i've heard that before =P I alos emailed the co-worker company with some questions, but haven't heard back from them yet.

Other than that i've been playing a fair bit of FF10-2.

The intro thing (the pre-menu one) is pretty. The game itself is very silly, though fun :)

I'm still confused as to why exactly she decided to go have a concert. Just cause she said, hey, i can be a singer/dancer with this thing, let's try it out? I suppose it was an okay way to (re)introduce the class and the whole class changing thing, but it was still kind of bizare. (And yes, i've gone back to Luca and done the retracing steps mission, but it doesn't explain motivations any better than the original event.)

Combat is very chaotic. I haven't tried switching off the active time battle stuff yet, but i may at some point. It especially sucks when stuff is happening while i'm searching through the menus trying to find something. It's amusing when several people try to do something at once and they all start tripping over each other :)

I'm annoyed that items have a wait time. The whole advantage of items is supposed to be that they're quick and easy, but you're depleting a not so easily replenished stock. Items were once of the quickest things in FF10, and now they're painfully slow.

Getting experience is hard.

Since you can do a new game plus i'm just not worrying about the FAQs at all, which also makes it a lot more fun. I'm just wandering around poking at whatever stuff i feel like :) I've already managed to find Paine's special dress sphere, and it's saved my ass from tough monsters several times now :) I'm wondering if Yuna's and Rikku's would be as easy to find if i just knew where to look.

The digging is fun, i've been doing lots of that since it's not only entertaining, it also seems to boost my levels pretty fast with all the random encounters and ambushes. I tried out the Sphere Break thing, and it's kind of annoying. I get stressed from the time pressure, and then annoyed when i've planed it out so i have an easy doable number of spheres left for the last turn or two, and then it gives me a sphere number of 1. What the hell? Why is that even a possibility? Just to screw over the player? I'd try doing the calm lands games, excpet the one time i tried to get there i almost got my ass kicked by the monsters, and only made it back out again thanks to Paine's special class.

After i do some more digging i'm going to poke around at Besaid and Kilika some more. I'd already noticed the indentation in the path at the waterfall before the Besaid Sphere made it painfully obvious something was there, i just couldn't figure out how to get off the main path before. The girl in the Sphere Break area who said she thought she'd seen a Sphere Break sphere in her storage room looked like she might be a Kilika person to me, and i found someone there saying there were rumors of a sphere in the village, but i can't find a store that has a storage room i can access there, so more poking around.

Still haven't done the Zanarkand hot spot. It's a four rating, and i've had some trouble with some of the three star rating monsters, so i'm reluctant to try it out yet.

Oh, and as expected, Paine is cute and cool :)


Besaid: STILL no luck figruing out what to do with that indentation in the map near the waterfall. I've tried examining and jumping at just about every point along the bridge =P Also, i noticed tbe extra keypad in the cave the first time around. This time i talked to the guy in the temple, and he said to get the numbers for the code you need a Seach Sphere, luckily there's a Search Sphere in the chest in the temple, but you need a key with the Besaid emblem to open it. Great, i remember the shop selling that for 900,000 gil =P However i thought i'd check with her again just to see if the price had come down or anything. She now says she _had_ a key, but she sold it to a traveler who said he was going to the cave up north. Okay, that could be good or bad. I headed towards the cave, i didn't see him anywhere along the trail, and i couldn't find him in the cave itself. So he's either totally lost, or he's behind the locked door. Which i need the code for. Which i need the Search Sphere to figure out. Which i need the Besaid key to get. Which the traveller behind the locked door has... hey, wait a minute! =P
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