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Was slightly productive this morning. Cleaned the catpan, took out the trash, mailed off a couple of bills and paid several others online.

I was thinking of using the package of beef stroganof mix for dinner tonight since i have milk but it's going to go bad in a few days so i might as well use it up. However Morna called at 5 and said she was done with doing her chores for the day and wondered if i wanted to hang out, so i said yes.

Morna came over and we sat and talked for awhile. Then she got online on my laptop so she could talk to bricriu and see what he wanted to do this evening. My laptop decided to be as difficult as possible and crashed three or four times during this =P

We eneded up deciding to meet Bricriu in the village so we could have dinner with him at some pasta place. Morna and i got there first and found that the place was closed for "summer break" until september 7th. So we waited for bricriu to show up and then walked to the indian place. The food was still better than it had been, but not as good as it used to be. At least some of the old people are definitely back though. I wonder what's been going on with them.

Bricriu didn't feel like watching Firefly today, so we went back to their apartment. Bricriu had just bought a PS2 and a bunch of games for it. We sat and talked about FFX for awhile until morna started getting bored with us. Bricriu had also picked up FF10-2, and insisted that i borrow it.

We decided to play some Karaoke Revolution. Not too suprisingly the two trained singers kicked my ass =P I don't think i even have two octaves worth of range. The second song i tried i had to sing in my upper octave to hit their low notes and in my lower octave to hit their high notes. It did _not_ come out very well.

After we got tired of that we sat and talked for awhile and then morna showed me the pictures from the baaaaabyanimals group on her superfast connection beore driving me home.

I managed to be slightly productive after that, if you count responding to several old LJ comments and emails as productive. The late LJ comments weren't _all_ my fault, since LJ never notified me about some of them. Don't really have an excuse for the emails though =P

Why do my legs hurt?? It's not like i've done anything to exercise them today. Stupid body :(

I think i'm either going to go look at the intro to FF10-2 and then go to bed, or just go to bed.

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