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Yay high-carb diet! :)

I decided to cook some of the pasta i'd bought at the store on friday. I decided the egg noodles looked yumier and easier to cook than the sphagetti, although i was annoyed to find that a serving of egg noodles has 20 something % cholesterol =P

So cooked the pasta and added ICBINB and Kraft grated Parmesan cheese. It was ver yyummy, and i managed to finish it off way too fast. Had some frozen fruit and cool whip for dessert.

I hadn't really thought when buying the pasta that cooking it would remind me so much of when shawkial and gwri were living here. We had quite a lot of pasta for dinner since shawkial is a vegetarian, and when i started cooking it myself i was suddenly strongly remembering cooking and having dinner with them. I really wish i could be living with someone like them again, or at least very near someone like them who i could socialize with on a regular basis. It's nice having the apartment to myself (although paying the full rent is not) but being close enough that you could walk from one place to the other in a few minutes would be almost as good. Perhaps having apartments in the same complex would be a good compromise. Of course having an SO to share my apartment with would also be a big improvement over the current state of affairs =/

In other news, i had an epiphany about Firefly on thursday or friday.

(Spoilers for Firefly: Ariel and War Stories)

Bricriu made some complaint about Mal not following through on killing Jayne. I did my usualy Firefly appologist thing, and after thinking about it for a few seconds pointed out that Mal hadn't let him go just because her said he made a mistake and wouldn't do it again, he let him go because after Jayne thought he was going to die, he was ashamed of what he had done and asked Mal not to tell the others about it.

Despite the fact that we then watched War Stories that night, i didn't realize until later that what Mal did fits exactly with the "teachings" of Shan Yu, Mal was in effect holding Jayne over the edge of the volcano, after having lived with him for a year or two, and found out who he really was, and that is why he decided to let him live.

Sometime at the begining or middle of last week i moved my laptop into the bedroom. I forgot why exactly, possibly because i was getting annoyed with the loose phone jack in the living room. But in any event, since then i've been spending most of my time in the bedroom. I figured it might help me be more productive, i haven't watched any tv except for DVDs when friends come over and haven't played any video games at all, but it doesn't seem to be helping too much. I've mostly just been spending even more time on the net and more time reading.

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