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I got up at 7am yesterday, and got home at 3am. I actually got to sleep at 4ish, and just woke up at 4 something pm. Yes, 20 hours is a bit long to be up, but sleeping for 12 hours is still kind of extreme, and why am i still tired?

Got to my sister's place about 12:15. One of their friends was supposed to show up between 1 and 2, so we started in on some Firefly. We figured we had just enough time to finish a second episode, but halfway through their friend called and said she was stuck in traffic. They gave her some alternate direction, and we went back to Firefly. We ended up getting through three episodes, with several interuptions, a couple from the first friend giving us updates as to where she was, and a couple from the second friend who decided that he was going to be late, and then decided that he was going to meet us at the fair.

So the first friend showed up around threeish. We sat around and talked for a little bit, and then watched an episode and a half of Sailor Moon, because my sister wanted to show her friend the Japanese version with subtitles, which she'd never seen before.

We headed off to the fair about four. Their apartment is about a mile away from the fairgrounds, so we just walked. When we got there we wandered through the food area to see what they had, then walked past the arena where we saw the line was already forming, then over to the petting zoo. The line to get in was pretty long, so we just stood by the fence and looked at the animals for awhile.

After that we decided to go get some food, then get in line for the concert. We went back to the food area and then decided to split up and meet back near the deep fried twinkie stand which was conveniently right next to the Weird Al line. I wandered around to the various food areas, i thought about getting a bowl of fruit, which would have been $5, but ended up deciding to get a teriyaki beef bowl for $6.50 instead. Went back to the arena and found that there were a couple tables behind the fried twinkie stand and that the others had managed to grab one already. We finished up our food, and then three of us tried out the fried twinkies, which were strange but pretty good. A lot better than the fried snickers bar i'd tried last time =P

We got in line about 5:30 and waited. And waited. and waited. They had Dr. Demento doing a pre-show entertainment thing, however his little stage/tent thing was at least 20 feet in front of where the line started, and 95% of the line couldn't head what he was doing. Stupidest idea for a pre-show ever =P. We ran into a couple other random mudders, all from my sister's time or later, so i didn't recognize any of them. There were some cute geeky girls behind us in line, including a really cute goth girl. My sister and her friend went over to the livestock tent that was across the lane from us and petted the sheep for awhile. Their other friend called once or twice to give my sister's husband updates or something. He finally showed up about 6:15 or 6:30ish i think, and then disapeared briefly again so he could get some food as well.

They finally started letting us in about 7:20. When we got inside the arena people started running past us to get good seats =P We ended up with something in the front seats, rather than the bleachers, about 15 or 20 rows back in the middle of the right section. Brie and her friend went back to get some dipping dots and drinks while the rest of us saved seats, and then we all sat around until about 8:10 when they started the show.

The show was good. Lots of songs (including a couple minutes of a Led Zepplin cover as a juke =) He would usually do a song, then go off stage to change costumes while they played a video, sometimes fake interviews between Weird Al and celebrities (Avril Lavigne, Celine Dion, MnM (which was especially amusing) and one or two other people that i think i'm forgetting), sometimes clips from UHF, sometimes clips from shows he'd appeared in (the longest one of those being the Simpsons i think.) He'd then come back out on stage and do another song or two before needing to change costumes again.

He did a medley type thing in the middle, he'd start in on a song, do the first minute or two, then morph it into the start of another song. He went through at least five or six songs this way. I guess i prefer that he covered some of those songs in the medley rather than not at all, but it was a little sad when some of my favorite ones came up in the medley instead of getting played all the way through.

Finally the putative end of the concert came along, and some significant number of the people in the bleachers (10% maybe?) started to get up and leave in the middle of what appeared to be the last song. My sister and her husband argued that probably a lot of the people up in the bleachers were people who didn't care that much about Weird Al and were just there out of curiosity, but what suprised them was the guy, who i hadn't noticed, in the front section who had actually dressed up as Weird Al who got up and started leaving.

But anyways the rest of us gave him a standing ovation and just stood there clapping (with a small segment chanting "We want Al!") until the expected encore occured, which consisted of the Star Wars/American Pie song (you know, i have no idea what that one is actually titled, strange) which i had been kind of expecting, followed up by Yoda.

It was almost 10:30 by that point, so we all decided to head back to my sister's apartment. We talked about mostly random stuff on the way back, what the average distribution of fair-goers is, the cute goth cheerleaders in the Smells Like Nirvana number, what it would be like to be a roadie for a band, Spinal Tap, Al Gore, Libertarianism, and some other random stuff.

When we got back to the apartment we talked for a little bit more, but then decided to watch some Sex in the City which my sister's friend had brought with her. Sex in the City is amusing and incredibly depressing. We went through the first disk, six episodes, at which point it was 2:30 and people decided they were getting tired, so everybody headed home (well, except for my sister and her husband of course)

Should not go back to sleep, and should try to get some usefull stuff done today.

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