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You know LJ, it kind of defeats the whole purpose of automatic email notification of new comments if you don't actually notify me every time. I must admit that it is a bit amusing when you notify about a comment that is in response to a comment i never saw before because you never told me about it. However it's amusing in that "what the hell is wrong with you?" kind of way, so i wouldn't be too proud of it if i were you.

Had dinner with Kialyn at Chlli's, then we went back to my place and watched some Dark Angel and B5. Dropped Kialyn off at her place and then read and poked at the net for a few hours more until i started getting really tired at 11 and went to bed.

Had yet another strange dream, this is pretty unusual for me. This one involved me living with my parents (i think, i remember thinking stuff about them although i don't think i ever saw them) in some really gigantic house. Some coworkers of mine were coming over for a party, but i had something i needed to go do, so i wasn't there for most of it. By the time i got home people were starting to crash, so i went to bed. When i woke up people wanted to play some video games, but sometime during the night someone had moved the video game systems. I started wandering through this huge house looking for where the video games had gotten to, and was worried that if i didn't find them pretty soon my coworkers would start hating me.

I forget where exactly i was in the dream when my alarm went off at 7. However i hyst hit snooze a couple times and kept dozing until Kialyn called at 7:30, so not sure the alarm did much good =P Took a quick shower and then went to pick up Kialyn abd we gad breakfast at the BC Cafe and stopped by an ATM so she could get money before i drove her to the airport. From the time i picked her up to the time i got back home after dropping her off i saw five or six cops. I guess they're busy in the morning, or i was just "lucky."

I got about eight hours of sleep last night, so why am i so tired? Hopefully i'll wake up some when we get to the fair. Speaking of which, i should be heading off to my sister's place now.

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