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The last few days

I've been pretty useless the past few days. Been too depressed to get much done i think. However stuff continues to happen anyway, mainly due to the actions of my friends.

Not much happened, until Morna IMed me at 5 or 6 asking if i wanted to have dinner with her and bricriu at Los Jaritos(sp) and watch some Firefly afterwards. I said sure. Morna picked me up and drove us there while bricriu was driving home from work. We had dinner, well they had dinner, i just had a drink and a quesadilla cause i'd already had lunch, and then we went back to my place for lots of Firefly.

About ten minutes into War Stories i got a call from Kialyn. She told me she was getting in at Union Station on thursday and was wondering if i could pick her up, which i said i was happy to do.

Bricriu wanted to go home after an episode or two, but Morna suckered him into staying for "just one more" which was enough to suck him in as well, and we got all the way through the disk. Just one more left now =/

Kialyn's train wasn't suppsoed to be getting in till 9pm, and she'd warned me it would probably be late, so i didn't do much for most of the day. Joined a whole bunch of tribes on Mostly science fiction and fantasy and anime tribes, and some SoCal ones as well.

I checked the amtrack site and they said the train was getting in about an hour late. Then i checked again around 9 and they said it was getting in an hour and fourty-five minutes late, so i left the apartment a little after ten. Traffic was light and everything was perfectly easy up until i got to Union Station itself. I've been there a few times before, but i must not ever have tried to park there before, because i _would_ have remembered that.

I tried to follow the signs for parking to the left, and found that the street ended shortly with no turn around and a _very_ small parking lot on the left. The parking lot was charging $2 for every 20 minutes, up to a maximum of $12, and they kicked you out after 3 hours. I decided that was too pricey and tried to turn around. However because of the dead end if you weren't turning into the parking lot you either had to do a three point turn, or you had to do a U-turn from the right lane.

I drove around the other way because there were some signs indicating there might be additional parking. After spending a few minutes driving around the entire train station i found a couple employee only lots and what seemed to be a closed lot with the same prices as the lot in front =P

So i drove back out to the front and went out to the main street, hoping there would be parking elsewhere nearby. Unfortunatly there wasn't, and after going a few blocks i gave up and turned around to go back to the station. Completly by accident i ended up turning around in the Philippe's parking lot :) I've been there before, but hadn't remembered it was in the area, so as i was first turning around i was thinking "wait, why is this so familiar?"

So i drove back to the station and circled around once or twice in front looking for a spot on the curb to wait that wasn't taken up by the other cars already waiting or the megaton of waiting cabs. WHile doing so my cellphone buzzed, and as expected it was Kialyn. She said her train was in and i told her i was wandering about out front in my car, and she said she'd meet me at the curb. So on my next pass i heard her call my name and saw her waving, and pulled over to the curb in a spot that was probably illegal, but i didn't care too much at this point.

She promised to take me out to dinner in exchange for the hassle. We were thinking of Denny's but she decided she was kind of tired, so it's now set for this evening. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful.

I had a really strange dream last night. Something involving either talking animals, animate muppets, or some weird new sentient species. For some reason they were in hiding and i was helping them out, and we ended up in some kind of vaguely chase/escapish scene. At one point we were going through a swamp i think. I think the dream might have been influenced by Vinge's "The Peace War," which i stayed up until 7 am reading. (well, i probably finished it about 6ish, but i got started on "Marooned in Realtime" as well right afterwards.)

I'd been expecting to get woken up by a call from Kialyn since i'd offered to give her a ride to Mudd, but my alarm woke me up at noon with no phone calls. Then about five minutes later i thought i heard a faint knocking at the door. I stumbled out to the living room and found Kialyn at the door. She said Morna was there too, but was checking to see if my car was in the lot since i hadn't answered the first knock, which i must not have heard. Morna had just found out that Kialyn was back in town (i'd gotten distracted by Firefly after kialyn called on wednesday since we were in the middle of an episode, so i forgot to tell Morna about it by the time the episode ended.) They'd decided to hang out since Kialyn is heading out of town again soon, and they decided to stop by and surprise me while they were at it, which was nice.

We spent about two hours hanging out talking and watching some B5 before they headed off so Morna could drop Kialyn off at Mudd. I decided since i was feeling active i should go to the store and stock up on stuff. I ended up buying just under $40 of groceries. A lot of it was pasta and rice-a-roni stuff. Cheap and at least somewhat healthy. Also got some frozen fruit, not so cheap, but still at least somewhat healthy. So now i've got enough food in the apartment for about the next 24 days if i'm good about it.

I seem to be a lost more motivated and productive after hanging out with people. At least if i actually make sure to act on that motivation immediatly afterwards instead of goofing off and letting the energy drain away.

My sister and her husband and i have plans to go to the Orange County fair tomorrow and see Weird Al. We set this up on monday or tuesday, and then wednesday i found out that ComiCon is this weekend in San Diego. Normally i go down there on Saturday so i can see the Masquerede, however i could still have gone down today, and still could go down sunday if i wanted to. However although i'd like to go to the con, and i'd like to get to see the San Diego people, it would cost quite a bit of money to go. I'm trying to be strong and resist going, and recruiting my laziness to help.

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