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Last few days

(TMW throughout)

Morna and Bricriu were planning on picking me up so we could drive out to gaming on Sunday.

They called me up and said they would pick me up about noonish, so i did a quick shower and then went to wait outside. Sat on the curb reading for awhile since they were a little late. Can't think of the last time where i actually went and sat out in the sun. While i was waiting, just before they showed up, a car parked in the outside lot and a cute girl got out and was using the phone at the gate when Morna and Bricriu pulled up. When i got into the car Bricriu asked why i was talking to the cute girl, which was kind of a silly question. Even when someone isn't clearly busy doing something else, the odds of me trying to start a conversation to a person i don't know that i run into in public is about 1 in 1000 at best.

We took the 210 west and stopped in Pasadena for lunch. We went to a japanese resturant that specialized in Udon and Soba. We all tried the cold ramen special that Bricriu recomended. It was flavored soba (i think) noodles with lots of stuff piled on top. Mushrooms, some gingery stuff, fish cake, egg, ham, kelp, some other stuff. It was pretty good, but i think next time i'd want more of the noodles and less of the stuff on top.

Afterwards we went to get some desert, but on the way there i noticed a store selling tapioca drinks :) Despite having already had one the day before i decided i wanted another, so Morna and i got tapioca drinks while Bricriu got a cookie and some fudge at the candy store we'd originally been heading to.

We then continued on to dieppe and usqueba's place. We got stuck in traffic where the 105 ended for about a half hour, but finally made it there.

Last time we got together for gaming Morna bailed out after a few hours because she was feeling tired. This time everyone else was feeling tired, so we ended up not gaming at all =/ I'd gotten depressed about Caithris again a some point during the day, and would have probably been up for gaming if someone else had been enthusiastic about it, but everyone else was apathetic and i wasn't up to promoting it myself.

We played a round of "Apples to Apples," which i'd never played before but ended up winning somehow. (For some reason it kind of reminds me of "Big Idea," mainly because of the trying to match cards you think are apropriate or humorous, and then having the results "vored" on by the rest of the players.)

After that dieppe and bricriu wandered off to poke at computers and play Quake (or try at least, i'm not sure if they ever got it working.) Morna and usqueba and i sat around and talked for awhile, and then put on Dress to Kill, which morna hadn't seen before. After that we all sat around and talked some more, ordered some pizza for dinner, and watched the first episode of a british tv show called "Coupling."

We headed home about 11ish i would guess, and i crashed pretty soon after morna and bricriu dropped me off.

Actually summoned up the energy to do something productive. Went to my storage units and cleared some stuff out. Ewww, it was icky. But got several boxes of stuff, about half of which are still in my car. Mostly book type stuff, but some other things as well. When i saw a couple game CD cases mixed in i had a vague hope that i might find Civ 3 or something else good, but it was all crapy old stuff from work.

Absolutely nothing.

I'm not sure which is more pathetic, that i got nothing done (or that it's the usual state of affairs these days,) or that saying that depresses me because it reminds me of Caithris because of silly movie based jokes i would make with her.

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