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18 July 2004 @ 01:50 am
Couple day recap  


Spent the morning and afternoon being depressed and lazy. Morna decided to surprise me and she and bricriu showed up at my apartment unanounced with pop and a desire to watch some Firefly, which was very nice of them. I could use more good suprises like that.


More Firefly, though actually planned for this time :) Got through two episodes, including Our Mrs. Reynolds, one of the funnier ones in the series :)


Silverhawk's cute sister finally got around to wanting to do that trip to the manga store she's asked me about earlier. Drove out to her place and picked her up and then drove down to Gardena to a place called "BookOff." For some reason there were a lot of cute girls there, more than the number of guys even i think. They had a ton of DragonQuest, which i've been meaning to complete my collection of for quite awhile. I planned to limit how much i spent, and picked out $11 worth of manga between the newer ($3) and older ($1) shelves. It was a great plan, right up until i noticed they had a CD section, and i decided to look at that CD section, and found that they had a anime subsection, and of course it included video game soundtracks. Although i was amused to find the Final Fantasy stuff in the "Enix" section, which is technically correct now, but i wonder why they didn't make a new sign instead of just shoving both sections together under the name of one of them.

In that section i found both the limited edition FF9 soundtrack and the FF4 soundtrack. The LE FF9 CDs were $30 and the FF4 was $15. I've been looking for the FF9 soundtrack for several months, but the first printing was out of stock and last i checked no one had gotten the second printing in yet. The FF4 packaging was a little weird, not like the copy i used to have at all, and the $15 price scared me off a little, even though there was no SM or EA on the packaging. So i ended up getting the FF9 but not the FF4, and figured i would do some research at home.

When i checked just now i found that the FF4 OST is $20 on animenation, and the FF9 second printing OST is out and is $40. The FF9 i got has the cool imprinted plastic cover, so i doubt it was pirated, i don't _think_ the pirates bother going after the limited editions. It might be a used copy, but it has the insert and the sheet music, so i don't really care. I had the foresight to check the serial number of the FF4 OST, and when i checked online i found that it matches up with the serial number for the first printing, which explains the odd packaging, and leads me to suspect that it's also used. First printing for $5 less than the latest edition, i think i'll have to make a trip back there sometime in the medium future and see if they still have it.

After getting the manga and (in my case) CDs we went to a "tea shop" on the corner, which was really more of a starbucks/seattle's best coffee type thing, but with teaish drinks instead, specializing in drinks with tapioca in them, yum!

We drove back to her place after that and i hung out for awhile amd we watched random anime she had lying about (couple random episodes from Naruto, Kino no Tabi, and something else, and all ten episodes of Sadamitsu the Destroyer) and had a quick dinner, after which i headed home.

Checked mail on the way to my apartment from the car, and found a note saying i have a package at the managers office. I can only think of one package i might reasonably expect to be getting at this point, and i don't want it. I hope it's something unexpected instead. But it's probably not =/


yay! it WAS something entirely unexpected, the first box of Heather Alexander CDs that my parents ordered as a birthday present for me. The box shipped out Jun 7th, and just got here on saturday =P Either that or it got here earlier and the apartment managers managed to lose track of it for a couple weeks =P

In any case, need to take it by the post office later and mark it "Refused" or whatever you're supposed to do to get them to send it back, since the replacement box showed up quite awhile ago.
Kirinkirinn on July 18th, 2004 02:40 pm (UTC)
You have a BookOff within reasonable driving distance? *jealous*. The only other one I know of is in New York.

I seriously doubt there are any pirate FF9 discs with the embossed cover. Did you also get the amano art coaster-ish things, though?

Sadamitsu is incredibly cool at the beginning, then kind of slows down and isn't as great towards the end, I (and other people in our club around here) though. Still good stuff overall, though. I really need to find an mp3 of the opening theme; you don't have one, do you?
DonAithnendonaithnen on July 20th, 2004 09:21 pm (UTC)
Heh, two of them actually :) One in Gardena, one in Costa Mesa. I should go by the Costa Mesa one next time i vist my sister.

No, there don't seem to be any art coaster-ish things. Is that a limited edition only thing? If so i didn't lost out too badly, i would have had to pay $10 more for a new copy of the unlimited edition that wouldn't have had them anyways :)

Hmmm, i'm not sure if i would say it was incredibly cool at the begining, i thought it was reasonably cool throughout. Of course the ending seemed a bit rushed, presumably because of the getting canceled in midseason thing Valerie was telling me about.

No mp3s, i can try asking Valerie about it though. Would you want the standard one, or the one with lyrics? :)
Kirinkirinn on July 21st, 2004 09:32 am (UTC)
It's very possible that the coaster-ish things were even more limited than the embossed cover - I picked my copy up fairly early (well before the game was out in the US) at a con. Also, they're bizarre little things that are too pretty to actually use; sounds about right for extra limited junk. ^_-

As for Sadamitsu, I think our club (largely for in-joke related reasons) went nuts over the gold/white trenchcoat, bokken of swift black-hole justice, and mariachi music. That and the panties episode.

Um, well, I definitely need the original song. The idea of a version with lyrics hurts my brain, which could be good or bad...
DonAithnendonaithnen on July 27th, 2004 12:55 am (UTC)
I think the coasterish things probably came with all of the limited edition sets, though hopefully not the normal sets. Like i said, it was probably a used copy, which i don't mind as long as it's not a pirate copy.

Did you not get to the end of Sadanitsu? Or did you just not remember that the intro had lyrics for the last episode? I find it hard to believe that you couldn't get ahold of all of a series that's just 10(?) episodes long.
Kirinkirinn on July 27th, 2004 09:37 am (UTC)
We watched all of Sadamitsu (last summer, I think). You know how my (complete lack of) memory is...