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30 years of Rush

Went to the concert with my sister and her husband wednesday night, and had a pretty good time

Did laundry in the morning and was going to wear the shirt that i got at the last concert, but then i got a chaotic inspiration and decided to wear my Final Fantasy concert t-shirt instead :)

Got to thier apartment about 3:45 and we decided that we would do The Hat for dinner since their webpage was listing a new one in Irvine. However we wanted to do that right before the concert since it was near the Verizon Amphitheatre, so we watched an episode of Firefly before we left.

We drove down to Irvine and found that the website had lied, and although construction seemed to be complete The Hat wasn't open yet =P So we had dinner at Del Taco instead and then drove to the concert.

Traffic, park, wait in line. This time we decided to stop by the t-shirt stand beforehand since we had a half hour to kill. I was bad and got two t-shirts. While waiting in line we noticed a couple t-shirts featuring what seemed to be a new album, and were suprised we hadn't heard about it before this. When we got to the front of the line we saw some advertisements and found out that it's just a cover album of old 60s and 70s rock songs that they apparently used to play before they formed Rush, or at least before they started doing their own songs. The album is called Feedback, and came out at the end of June, but i'm not really that interested. I've never been particularly fond of cover songs, even if they're from Rush.

We found our seats and sat and talked for awhile waiting for things to start up.

They started off with a cool montage type video of elements from one album cover to the next (the 2112 red star appears with the guy in front, the guy steps back and transmutes into a naked guy, the Fly By Night owl flies by carrying a hat which he drops on the naked guy, the naked guy catches it and tosses it towards a guy in a suit who appears behind him and it lands on his head, thus recreating the Hemispheres cover, etc.)

Then some guy who looks like someone i should recognize appears and the montage was apparently a dream of his, he wonders if the concert is over, and wonders if they played Bangkok, "Nah, they never play Bangkok."

Then the actual music starts, first with a musical montage of a lot of their older and more famous stuff, and then they go into Force Ten (yay!) I forget exactly what they did in what order after that, but they did a _lot_ of songs.

Apparently we were seated in the lamest section of the amphitheatre. In the front area everyone was standing after the music started. In the second area where we were almost everyone was standing except for in our section, where the first four or five rows were all sitting =P

About four songs in the woman sitting behind us asked us if we would mind sitting down, because her son was having trouble seeing, and it was his first Rush concert. My sister and i didn't really want to sit down, but her husband wanted to, so the two of us switched seats with them, since none of the boring people in front of us were standing. The son was a... eight-tenish maybe? definitely pre-teens. He didn't seem all that enthused by his music although his mother was. I get the feeling that this was something he got roped into by her. I also can't figure out why she expected to go to a rock concert and be able to sit through the whole thing. She's just lucky she ended up in the one section where most of the people in front were sitting.

In general about half the crowd looked like middle-aged heavy metal fans who've been drinking and smoking way too much for the past few decades. The rest ranged from youngish to middle-aged (but not so withered.) Didn't see too many cute girls there, which i guess was a good thing since it was depressing to see the few i did. I could probably have convinced Caithris to go to a Rush concert, though she'd have wanted to wear earplugs.

They had the intermision after awhile, and we spent ten or twenty minutes talking since we had no real desire to get any food or beer (blech) or anything. Although my sister said she kind of wanted a lemonade but wasn't willing to pay concert prices for it.

They started up again with one of the dragon videos (they'd played another one earlier.) I think this was the bobblehead puppet one :) They did a lot more songs, including the one with the cartoon video of Lee and Lifeson competing with each other, i think it was for Bytor and the Snowdog, but i'm not sure.

Our section was even more pathetic for the second half, no one standing in the first eight or so rows except for my sister and i and the people right behind us =P

They finally finished up with Working Man, and some people started leaving in the middle, but most people stuck around and we at least were not suprised that they did a three song encore, the firs two being from Feedback, which was kind of annoying. They had played two or so other songs from the album earlier. They finished up with, um, Limelight i _think_, but definitely something of theirs, so it wasn't an all bad encore.

But no, they never did play Bangkok =P (Other than about five seconds worth during the montage, which doesn't really count)

We were leaving the amphitheatre at about 11:05, the concert had theoretically started at 7:30 though i didn't check my cellphone to see when they actually started playing. The parking lot was a mess. We were near the very front of the lot, which meant that we were one of the last ones out of course. We sat in the car and listened to KLOSs aftershow on the radio, but that finished off after about four or five songs, before we'd even managed to really pull out of our parking spot =P

We actually got out of the parking lot close to minight. I dropped them off at their apartment about 12:15 or 12:30 and headed home. I actually started the LJ entry as soon as i got home, but i got tired and went to bed, and since then i've been feeling kind of depressed and haven't had the energy to finish it till now.

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