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Random updates

Holy !%#^@ I'm down to 175 pounds. Or at least i was this afternoon while naked after showering and before i went to dinner. Haven't wanted to check again after dinner since it's undoubtedly higher now =/

Only problem is i've still got the same amount of fat around the middle. Shouldn't fat be the first thing to go when you lose weight? =P

Sithjawa came over and watched Spider-Man with me on sunday. Didn't really get anything done monday or today. Have had real trouble focusing on anything, even stuff like video games or books =/

I really need to do laundry tonight. There's a Rush concert tomorrow that i'm going to with my sister and her husband, and i don't think i have any clean clothes left. I should probably try to wash the t-shirt i got at the last rush concert if i can find it.

I'd kind of forgotten about the concert until last week, as had my sister :) Luckily i happaned to think of it for some reason last time i went to visit them, or we might all have been really pissed off with ourselves :)

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