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FF10 End

I finally beat FF10, and am listening to the soundtrack now. (Bought it about a year ago, AnimeNation had it on sale and i figured i would want it eventually =)

Still have a few questions though.

(Spoilers for the end of FF10)

So what exactly was Yevon summoning the Dream of the Fayth _for_? Why did he decide to become a godlike thing? Presumably this happened after the Bevelle/Zanarkand war?

Obviously Square was practicing for the merger with Enix at the time, and pulled out the old "all organized religions are evil and deceitful" line again. Bevelle used machina to defeat Yevon's country, killed all the summoners they could, and probably did their best to kill Yevon himself, then tried to outlaw the hymn of the fayth. Is there any way in which they didn't manage to make the origins of the Yevon religion the exact opposite of how it started out? Plus throw in the usual corruption of the modern priests and such just to top it off.

Why did Yuna have to summon the Aeons and kill them all? If you haven't found all the Aeons they presumably wouldn't have shown up. So if she hadn't summoned them there for him to posssess, what could Yevon have done about it? Did they actually want to die? And if so, why? And does that mean that Anima, Yojimbo, and the Magus Sisters are just fucked if you didn't find them? Or would they have disapeared like the other fayth who weren't present? Which gets us back to the question of why Yuna even needed to summon them at all.

Will there by more fayth/aeons in the future? I have to presume so, since there were summoners before Yevon came around.

The eternal Auto-Life kinda sucked any drama out of the final fight. I can understand it for the Aeons, where it's remotely possible that you could have leveled them up past a point where you could reasonably beat them, but i wish they hadn't done it for Yevon himself.

Seymour was kind of a weak ass semi-final boss. Of course everything was pretty weak by that point given how much i'd leveled up. Kimahri was stomping all over everything when i equiped him with his Ultimate weapon, with Auron only a little weaker (but painfully slower.) Wakka would have been doing as well if i'd actually found his weapon, but he was capped at 9999 instead.

I presume Seymour's original plan was to be Yuna's guardian and thereby end up becoming her Final Aeon, so that he would end up replacing Jecht as Sin, and then figure out how to deal with Yevon from there. Or maybe he didn't care about being number one as long as he could have Sin's power, who knows.

Once that failed did he sneak into Sin immediatly, or did he have to wait until they blasted a hole in him first? Once inside i guess he planned to subvert the whole thing from within, but hadn't actually got around to doing anything yet? He seemed kind of like an incompetent Kefka, always planning to seize the power to become a god, but never quite managing it. His music was very cool however :)

Did Auron think Tidus would stick around? Or did he know he would disapear? I'm wondering who/what he meant when he said "this world is yours now."

Auron's theme music is cool, which brings up a minor complaint about the music, i didn't realize till listening to the soundtrack and reading along that that was actually his theme, or that he even had a theme. Nor did i realize that Tidus, Yuna, Lulu, and Rikku had themes. But why didn't Kimahri and Wakka have themes? And i wish they'd done a better job of associating the themes with the characters.

So the ending was pretty depressing, although given the last bit Tidus is either still alive in some sense, or having fun in the Farplane. Did we ever get a good idea of what exactly the Farplane was (other than someplace where the dead go when sent) and how it came about. One has to wonder if the dead can wonder around in the real world, and the dead are wandering around in the Farplane, what's keeping them from walking out the door back into the living world even after they've been sent?

I did notice that the scene was very similar if not identical to the one at the begining of the blitzball game in Zanarkand at the start of the game. Of course without more context it's hard to tell what if anything that means.

So given the trailers i've seen for FF10-2, Tidus or someone like him comes back at some point. Either that or Yuna was just halucinating. However i should resist buying that until i have a job, or unless i find a used copy for really cheap.


So now i just need to go back, play more blitzball, try to beat that !@#%$^& chocobo race, kill Omega Weapon, and level up and play with the monster Arena. Oh, and find the Jecht Spheres and talk to the fayth in the temples.
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