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I apparently have the Magus Sisters on my Blitzball team :)

Or at least two out of the three of them. If you go back to the Magus' Fayth room after you get them you see the three of them standing there in their human forms and they say a strange quote and give you a defense sphere. All three of them use the same character sprites as people we've already met before, two of them being the free agents Vilucha and Kiyuri. I don't think the third one is a blitzball player, She's wearing shorts and a halter top, i think she might be the girl who gives you Valefor's Energy Blast.

Speaking of that, i've decided to make Valefor into a kick-ass aeon, even before he got the extra overdrive :) I noticed that i was collecting a _ton_ of spheres while doing the monster capture stuff, so i decided i might as well put them to some use. Rather than pumping up all the aeons evenly i decided to give them all to Valefor, partly because he was the first aeon Yuna got and they seem to have a special bond, and partly out a sense of perversity/rooting for the underdog (underbird?) Every time Power, Mana or Speed Spheres got into the 90s i'd boost a stat of his. He's not quite as strong as Bahamut yet, but he's definitely getting there :)

I hate the chocobo game. The butterfly game was a lot easier and more fun. In the butterfly game Tidus actually moved where i told him. In the butterfly game there were no invisible walls to fuck me over. In the butterfly game at least the evil pickups moved slowly. In the butterfly game everything was in generally the same spot every time. In the butterfly game at least if i screwed up and hit the evil pickups i got a fight out of it which got me a little experience and some spheres. In the butterfly game the good pickups had the same bad depth perception issue as in the Chocobo race, but at least i had a fair shot at grabbing them because i could just get them by running straight up or down because in the butterfly game the camera doesn't move on you in the middle of the game =P

Butterfly game good, Chocobo game evil.

You know, all in all, the Ultimate weapons kind of suck. They save you a lot of items at the cost of a lot of time and agravation, but they're not anything you couldn't build yourself. If they really wanted to make the weapons cool they should have made them the only weapons in the game with five or six slots. Along with Break Damage Limit, _every_ Ultimate weapon should have Double AP. Rikku should probably have Master Thief, Alchemy, Evade and Counter or First Strike. Or Initiative. Lots of choices for Rikku. Kimahri should have First Strike or Initiative. I'd say Lulu should have Magic Counter, but that might make her a little too stompy. Yuna should have Magic Booster or maybe Alchemy. Wakka... maybe First Strike? Or Sensor! _Someone_ should have Sensor damn it!

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