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Long Weekend

I like my sister and her husband, but visiting them is kind of depressing at the moment. They've got a nice apartment and they have lots of nice furniture and they have each other. Pretty much exactly the way i wanted things to be with Caithris :(

Watched an episode of Dark Angel with Kialyn for her lunch break today (she decided to go into work today for some reason even though she didn't have to) before i drove down to my sister and brother-in-law's (gah, that's weird to say) apartment, where we had some pizza and watched the first three episodes of Firefly.

I spent the 4th of July sitting around my apartment playing FF10. Was feeling too tired/lazy/sad/whatever to go out and do anything.

Saturday i also spent a lot of time playing FF10 and then had dinner with Kialyn and watched Unbreakable with her afterwards. She agreed that it was better than Signs :)

It's been about two weeks since that last set of resumes went out. Hopefully i'll hear something soon now that the holiday is over.

FF10 - Guess what minigame I've been playing

88... fuck!
112... fuck!!
17... 2... perhaps i should take a break now =P

Gah, took a break for some blitzball and got 39 when i came back =P

ARGH!!! 187!! 177!

Ha! 207, or around thereabout, i lost a few numbers in there i think, but i got the Venus Sigil :)

Now i need to go back to playing Blitzball so i can get the Jupiter Sigil. I can't get Yuna's Sigil cause the temples are clsoed at the moment =P Tidus' sounds like a pain in the ass to get, as does Kimahri's.

My blitzball team is messed up. According to the FAQs i've looked at, most people have trouble with their forwards getting tons of experience while their defense languishes. However i've got four forwards which i try to swap out, so i've got kind of the opposite problem. Tidus is level 20 because i use him for scoring so much, however the other three forwards are about level 10, because they get less game time than Tidus and while they're in the game i use them less than Tidus. My middle forward and defense range from about 15 to 20.

I'm also having a lot of trouble learning techs. I have trouble finding people who have the techs i want, i have trouble getting them to use the techs, and i have trouble hitting the button at the right time to copy it =P I've seen a lot of techs i really want (like Golden Arm) offered as second and third place prizes in tournaments, but i have no idea how to get those. Is the person who loses in the last game the second place winner? Or is it the person who loses earlier but wins the loser bracket? And is "Top Scorer" the _person_ who scores the most or the _team_ that scores the most? That's the main reason i use Tidus so much. If i knew it was for the team i'd risk using the other forwards more.


I tried going to the Highroad and it opened the temples, so i've got Anima now and am just about to get the Moon Sigil. However i'm sad that the cool music in the airship went away :(

I seem to have locked myself out of the Monster Arena =P I spent four or so hours going around capturing monsters in all the various areas. I've gotten every monster in every area except the Omega Ruins and Sin i think, and ten of most of them. Kimahri, Wakka and Auron are all tanks. Kimahri is a quick tank who steals, Auron is a little stronger, but he's about as quick as a rock and never gets to do anything unless there are three monsters. I gave them all capture weapons and just kept them in the front since the early areas don't give much experience.

However because of this i've now got about 13 rewards backpiled at the Arena, and some of them are 99 of an item that i already have a fair number of, so i need to figure out what to do with my current stock before i collect the rewards =P At least it gave me the Mars Sigil first.

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